I make Rap music and sing in 4 different languages

AI sing in 4 different languages English-Spanish Japanese and Korean follow me on social media my rap name is crocodile

new SoundCloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-57147214


Instagram: killer_croc_crew

My website is bluestripescrew.com

I will also post my crocodile anthem on here.

The Darkness In Our Eyes

For the DS106 assignment Can You See What I See I ended up using a picture of someone who was crying or feeling pain and tinted it red while making the shadows of the picture darker to express anger and pain. I also took this from of eye called Geass from Lelouch’s character in the anime Code Geass and added it to the woman’s eye while reducing the opacity in order to project the darkness in the reflection of her eyes.Geass Ds106

The Mario Bunch

For my first DS106 assignment I decided to take the infamous Brady Bunch image that we all know and love and completely transform it using Photoshop. I made this image Mario kart themed representing all of the standard racers and crossing out part of the logo and replacing it with Mario. There were two main inspirations that went behind the coloring of the background and the characters. One inspiration was the track Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 and another was a Grand Theft Auto Vice City style of text. As my first Photoshop made image I am happy with the result. maxresdefault (2)

Marble Soda

The song Marble Soda simply speaks to me in a way that no other song is able to. The fact that a variation of many collaborative beats are used to create this master piece are astounding. The context in which the beats were used to create this mashup makes my ears feel really good it’s like a sensation that your ears just feel and it can’t get deeper than that.

Marble Soda

Korean Music Always Brightens Up My Day.

Listening to my favorite Korean song called Drawing The Line by Royal Pirates makes me happy because the song is so relatable to my personal life and it’s very enjoyable to listen to. I especially enjoyed the music video aspect of the song because of the layout’s that it uses and the amount of times the scene changes within the song. There is also an english version.

Here is the English Version. Which creates theses images of the lyrics that give the song a more conceptual meaning.