It took me a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted to do for my site. I have looked high and low, far and wide, and inside and outside the box and nothing had clicked. Because of me pondering on what I wanted to really do with the website I have not done… Continue reading The BAR-FIELD

My First Play at SUNY Purchase

This past Saturday I had traveled to SUNY Purchase to watch a play called “All’s Well That Ends Well”. Here is the picture of the stage where the play had taken place. Being able to experience a play in SUNY Purchase was absolutely amazing because SUNY Purchase is one of the most well known colleges for… Continue reading My First Play at SUNY Purchase

My Reverse Audio Quiz

Hello I am ZanyZavy, and this is Reverse Audio Quiz, inspired by DS 106 assignments: Reverse Audio Quiz. The rules are simple: 1.You’ll listen to a song in reverse 2. I’ll give you three hints about it 3. You figure out what song it is. So, let’s begin. Click the play button to start. THE HINTS: 1.The… Continue reading My Reverse Audio Quiz

CT101 Digital Storytelling