I graduated ! … from CT101.us

Check me out now!  My own personal website is up!


I haven’t put any content up yet, but I’m looking forward to learning how to customize, personalize, personify and all those good adjectives.

The process was quite smooth compared to some of the other projects we have done this semester so far.


But I’m sure it won’t be too easy forever.  Anything worth your time will be worth you effort.

Professor Ryan, again, makes all of our processes stress free and intuitive.

What can be very useful for the future would be using my website for work related content for future employers.  But what I really want to do is to put any and everything that interests me.  I think I will start with content about what makes me, me.  After all, it is basically me.com.

But what about CT101.us ?!  I have grown so comfortable with this site and the way Professor Smith and Professor Seslow have hooked it up.  But hey, part of learning new things is stepping out of your comfort zone.  So here I am now, ready to learn some more about this world wide web of internets.

Aggressive Progressive

If I could have pressed a “Destruct Now” button I would have pressed it on Thursday’s class. I want to get this Photoshop thing going, but I feel like it’s not agreeing with me. I believe the software is amazing and has endless potential. I can’t even imagine some of the possibilities with this software.

Sheesh! It’s so tedious for me.  It is giving me a lot more of a hard time than I expected.  It kinda sucks for me because it makes me less interested in it.  But damn it’s so good! I would have liked to give a brief tutorial on our portrait project, but it would end up setting the class back 5 years.

I can probably go on forever about how I can’t get it going or about how this sucks and all that.. but I won’t.  Instead, let me mention the portrait photo I chose for our class project.

Mr. Edward Snowden.He is an amazing activist, whistle-blower, and a former CIA employee who leaked classified NSA documents about surveillance of the American people.  The most common response to government surveillance of the people is “I have nothing to hide“.  I don’t think that’s the right attitude for this kind of stuff.  We have a right to privacy and we need to be pursuant in upholding that.  The change from privacy to total transparency is progressing constantly.  Most of us accept this in exchange for convenience, but when will we realize it wasn’t the right move? When will it be too late to do anything about it? A lot of us have become credulous towards the major issues we face.

I wanted to choose Edward Snowden because I feel more people should know who he is and what he did/is doing for billions of people and not expecting gratitude in return.  I feel he is a genuine person and admire the way he put himself in a tough position and risked many things to expose the unethical practices of the NSA.  Thank you very much.

Check out this YouTube video from VICE called “State of Surveillance” interviewing Mr. Snowden.  It’s about 25 minutes and it covers a lot.  It’s worth a watch.

Also, ever heard of Wikileaks? Check out this link too.  What this non-profit website does is expose secret and classified information of the  government via anonymous sources. It was founded by Julian Assange.  You can be surprised on what you can come across with some browsing.  #STAYWOKE



Bicycles! I love bicycles.  I got off to a late start by learning to ride when I was 13, not 5 years old like most kids.

  But that’s totally okay, because I have my whole life ahead of me to enjoy it and make up for any “lost time” from early childhood.

My favorite kind of bicycle is a fixed gear bicycle, also known as a single speed.  In contrast to a bicycle with various gears and ratios, the fixed gear is exactly what it sounds like, a fixed gear.  There is no option to adjust anything other than yourself when going up hills, down hills, or on a long stretch of road.  The experience of this personally makes me feel more connected to the bicycle.

And of course, they look so cool!  Here is some media of my favorite fixed gear bicycles that I have seen in my travels through the internet.

EVOImage result for cinelliImage result for fixed gear bike

Riding a bicycle in NYC can be fun, dangerous, exhausting, energizing, and demanding, all at the same time.

Just like like anything else you do on the streets, whether it be walking or driving, you should be responsible and smart with your decisions.

I wanted to show you guys some crazy riders that I have come across on YouTube.

The streets are becoming a lot more bicycle friendly.  Some motorists feel that they are becoming too friendly.  Bicycle lanes are taking over parking spaces and driving lanes.

I believe that things should be a balance.  For years, people who use their bikes as daily transportation were forced to ride on narrow streets with cars speeding by them.  The addition of bike lanes to main roads has made commuting for those who cannot afford a car or a monthly metro card a lot safer.  What price can you put on that?

Check out my plans this weekend. If I don’t show up for class on Thursday then that means my legs fell off.  Wish me luck on my 100 mile bike journey!

We are Anonymous

After what was a pretty tedious process for me, I came out with a semi-satisfying animated PS GIF. I was trying to make it look like he’s winking.

Sooo, I chose V for Vendetta for a few reasons.  This movie was one of my favorites.  You can check out the trailer.

The mask originates to Guy Fawkes, who was a catholic involved in plotting to bring down England’s corrupt protestant government.

Since the movie came out over 10 years ago, the mask seems to be gaining more popularity.  It is now most commonly associated with the group Anonymous.  Anonymous is a worldwide internet convergence of people with anti-government corruption mindsets and pro-human ethics combined with some serious computer skills. To me, the mask stands for justice and standing up to oppression.

   I just wanted to kind of use this space to express my thoughts about Photoshop and the class.  The issue that presents itself daily is the time! This class really needs more of that.  There are many steps to remember in Photoshop and Professor Ryan is a wizard with this stuff.  I just feel like more hands on time with this software is necessary.  By the time we ask questions and get into the groove, BOOM. Class is over.


Stay still… BUT MOVE !

How coooooool.  Once again.  I can take my favorite still media and animate it to make it move smooth.

This BMW M3 is one of my favorite cars.  One day I’ll get one, but for now I will have fun editing with the free pictures online. I love how the effects made the image come to life. 

Welcome to the beautiful beaches of the Dominican Republic.  The refreshing and swifts winds of the ocean make things go the way they want.  This palm tree is leaning in to take a closer look at the warm water.  I decided to do a light to dark piece for this one.  Just as fast as this image changes filters is just as fast as the time seems to go by when you’re on vacation.

I owe myself a trip very soon!