First i am happy to say that i own my own website. this has been something i planned on doing anyway so its so great that i could do it for free. Furthermore, i plan to continue to keep my website up to date and will often reference other people to it. this website also helped me start a youtube, twitter, and pintrest so i feel i am building my digital identity because of the move i made. if i ever choose to not continue my skin care website i would still feed it to my youtube.

About the Gif

Superbowl Sunday just passed and while watching it i ran across a funny commercial therefore me and my partner decided to create a gif with it. We needed to learn how to take part of a video to create a gif and how to write on the gif to help others understand the reactions. Hopefully we can do about 5 more of these assignments just so that its carved into our brains because if we are following in the paths of advertisement, these skills will be useful.


Blind date