Prototype Portrait

So this prototype portrait experiment is based on one of the greatest humans to ever live. The one and only Stan Lee. This portrait is based on a glitch in the system of life that removed him from the world. The colors used are based on one of the most destructive inventions within the Marvel Universe, the Infinity Stones. The gray portion at the end is a symbol of the nothingness that remains when the Infinity Gauntlet is used with the stones inserted.

Website up and running

This might be my final time uploading onto this blog (or not, depending on my mood) but this isn’t goodbye. My new site is up and running to be viewed. This site is going to be following the CUNY York Cardinals XCT&F (Cross Country, Track & Field) team along with promoting the social life of York. I won’t get too much into it from here but I will be getting more into it on my website. See ya there.


So I have decided on which project I wanted to do. I chose the visual project “Guess What” because it really does seem like an interesting one to do. To make people guess what something is and not giving any hints and messing with their heads is a fun idea. This is just the process of it currently but it is basically done.

Below is the image I used for this assignment. I was reading about something and ended up liking this image so I was able to take a screenshot and zoom in even more for a bit of an edit in order to create this illusion. Obviously I will not be saying what it is because why would I? If I did then I would be giving away the image and the fun of creating the illusion would be gone. You’re more than welcome to guess what it is if you can.

Guessing Game is my link for the assignment now that it is complete and up. Have fun.

Also don’t get anything twisted by this image of ‘Dr.Stone’. It is in no way a type of hint. Just felt like putting it to throw people off….or maybe it is a hint? I don’t know and neither will anyone else. I do know of course but I like having fun.

DS-106 Ideas

With so many wonderful and interesting looking projects on this site, its actually hard to just choose two that I’m interested in but sadly, I chose two of the few that I feel I can do currently and another that I have interest in learning how to do and create.

I chose “Guess what” because it would actually be fun and interesting to see where peoples mindsets stand. Imagine taking a picture of something extremely close up and people not being able to accurately guess what it is. Finding out what people think the object is and messing with their minds would actually be fun to do. Yes, it sounds a little cruel but wheres the fun if you cant mess with people just a little bit? The kind of skill required to do this kind of assignment would be more of an art of manipulation. Being able to make something into an illusion isn’t rocket science but at the same time it actually isn’t easy to do to the point its hard for people to guess what it really is.

The next one that would be interesting is “Text Story”. Telling a story through text with a friend, especially an idiotic funny one, would make this assignment fun and creative. Any possibility could exist as long as we’re both creative and keep the story going, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. The main skills I feel would be required for this is being able to communicate effectively, being able to tell a story with someone along with timing to make sure the story is going smoothly.

Are MEMEs art?

True beauty is in the eye of the beholder so for someone to question whether MEMEs are art or not is up to them. MEMEs make life a-lot easier when you’r texting someone and they say something and you can just easily pull out a MEME from your phone and just send it right to them for that situation.

Personally, I feel that MEMEs are art because they have a unique beauty about them that really cant be compared to anything else. The fact that people really sit down, look through the internet for MEMEs and actually come up with different ideas for them is actually amazing. So all I have to say to people who believe MEMEs aren’t art is

If anyone wanna argue with me about memes not being art, I can just hit you with multiple MEMES, I got them ready for everything plus I know people with more memes for everything else so