Farewell CT 101

Looking back on the semester, I am kind of sad and happy at the same time, because i will be walking for graduation on may 31. I am sad because when i think about all the classes I’ve had at York college, i would say this was by far one of the best classes vie… Continue reading Farewell CT 101

Travel Post Card

In class we learned how to recreate a new poster along with our own words referring to Ct 101. We learned how to do this by using Photoshop, by using the marquee tool to replace texts we wanted, although it was a bit difficult at first it, I started to find what I was doing… Continue reading Travel Post Card


Yesterday in CT 101 we learned how to set up our website  which was very interesting and it was my first time. So, in the beginning of the semester professor Seslow asked us to make a post on something we love, so i wrote about how much i love food, throughout the semester i thought… Continue reading FOOD BLOG WEBSITE

Channing Tatum GIF

In today’s Class we had to create a GIF from portraits by adding our own filters to them, which with the end result i thought was pretty cool to make a gif on photoshop. It was all new to me, but it was a good experience. I hope i can remember how to do it… Continue reading Channing Tatum GIF

CT101 Digital Storytelling