Constant Rush of Thoughts

OMG! I made my first GIF ever. This is so cool. This GIF is about my constant thoughts. They are as fast as marathon runners and as intricate as a web. I wanted to do something different than usual. So I thought of this idea and it worked out pretty well. I am so excited to have this posted and I can’t wait to make more of the creative GIF’s and write about them.

Rushed Thoughts ! 

What Makes me Happy !!

Beaches! Walking at a beach on the raw sand makes me happy. It gives a really fresh feeling when I’m at the beach with no one but myself. There is something about that vibe and that aura of the beaches that I tend to be attracted to them. I have a huge fetish for beaches. Beaches give me a divine feeling. Nothing compares to that tone and scent of the beaches. It is so serene and charming there that I feel like I could spend a lifetime there.

Nothing could beat the air on the beach !

Maybe a video explains it better how it feels to walk on the beach.