Tattoos 4 Life

Being a Libra and carrying the same personality is a fortune worth of bet. Libra = Balance, Peacefulness. I am exactly what my sign says. My personality is very calm and composed. A huge introvert and trying to conquer the world with actions than just words. Doing this assignment was super interesting because it actually makes you think of the words to describe your personality and character in a dense context.


I figured that I am what my zodiac symbolizes. Buddha is a perfect example of what my character is like and I am very much in terms with it.

Website Setting up

In order to set the website up, I want to fill it up with the modern writing. Since I write I feel like I could share poetry and other modern writing,themes of different contexts. It is my space so to be comfortable with something I like or prefer is necessary. I write poetry about anything and everything. So I would incorporate my blog into word press to have it read by a different audience than what it was before. Since I like to write raw poetry and blogs, it would be fascinating to be able to write something fresh and out of the blue thing for the audience to be attracted to. I can’t wait to share my new stuff with everyone out there!

Domain Name

Finally we (as a class) picked our domain name in the last session. It feels great to be able to have my own website where no one else but I AM the administrator. So far it has been decent with creating passwords for about a million usernames. But I hope this doesn’t continue for a long time because I can not memorize those million passwords for blogging. 

I have already thought about my website (name) and what to discuss in there after the completion of domain name. We are going forward and forward with the basic creations and getting to know a lot more than just ‘WordPress’. I believe it still wouldn’t be mind boggling and I understand the concept of creating a website differently. 

Shades of Miley

For this project, I chose to blend in a celebrity’s picture with another one. So I chose Miley Cyrus as a celebrity and blended her face with that of a hand portrait. I had to use 3 different apps to develop 4 different shades of pictures. I first took a picture of a hand portrait of my friend’s and photoshoped it in Adobe. And using Photolab, I put Miley Cyrus’s picture in the portrait and blended in by cutting out the edges. Then I changed the color of the background and smoothened it by using airbrush. I then had to use Prisma and I chose different themes to come up with 4 variant pictures to make it colorful. 7fc629f4-29aa-445a-ad91-563e5889ae40The first theme I chose was black and white to make it look very naturally done.

img_20160922_104214_processed-2Secondly, I gave it a very watercolor painting look and smoothened the curves of the hands.

img_20160922_104334_processed-2This was a ‘Candy’ theme in the Prisma app. I chose this to highlight more on her facial features and bring them out more in the picture than anything else.

img_20160922_104312_processed-2Lastly, I gave it a very rusty look that brings out the diminishing eyes and narrates a story within itself.