Final Post

This semester just flew by. In very little time it was hard for my brain to consume all the details of this intricate subject but it pulled in really well. I have learned a lot in this class and was totally worth that morning ‘sleep’ time. Starting from scratch, GIFS, website, editing, photoshop etcetera is just a part of this class. There is so much more to look forward to. With my website it is cool to have your own space of thoughts or blog. Even though I have been a part of other websites before to share my thoughts. However this felt a little distinct. It felt like a need to be there. It felt like there wasn’t something like this  which created a massive impact before.

Living Like A Dead Moth

Chances were bleak if                    I l get back to myself
Everything I had touched               once, was fading
Like a spectrum of                         colors from blue to white
And on , and on                             with no identity of its own.
I had left Istanbul                           even when the memories did
Not stop haunting me                     like an ever ending wave of water
That flows with no                         set limit. But it does. Regardless
I missed his faith                            that was never to be endured or touched
But I missed it                                because I had believed in that neutrality
The surroundings which                was once ours.
Which he devastated                      with his hand on my face
Pasted like a painting                     in a world of no different
Than a dead                                    soul which stinks like a moth.

The Kind of Love That Never Happened Again


From the time I was born,
you raised me as a princess.
that wealthy love I could never pay for
was dearest than the quarrels we got into.

Your care, your concern for me was unmeasurable
and we did not get a note of time
when we created a bond of a mother & daughter
at a tender age of 10.

Forgive me for the times I yelled at you,
or went beyond my limit to prove myself
but I never meant to be hurtful to you
because I knew that you were breathing for me.

Had you been here today, the things would have varied
the natures’ would have been different.
They might not have appreciated what you did
but I acknowledged and I did.

The uncountable days on the hospital beds,
those restless days of heaving
you were with me throughout all,
but I acknowledged. I did.

Had you been here today to see me as a bride
Things would have been different.
I yearned to get a glimpse of you one last time,
but am told that you are resting in heaven up there
blessing me in invisible forms of energy.

I know I will miss you for the time
I am alive. But we will meet one day
where I’ll sob holding you to infinity.

A not too longer happiness

Dance Shot

You know how you start celebrating much earlier when you are expecting all good things? This is my case. When all my professors are passing me initially with a 90 or above it tends to happen. Not knowing that a ton of other assignments and homeworks will hit me a week later. The celebration doesn’t mean much after I get a 70 on one of my tests. But the chimpanzee feel is pretty fanatic.