How to Add Hyperlink to WP Posts!

So I’ve been sick as a dog this past week and have barely gotten out of bed. I finally was updating myself with our class calendar and now am ready to catch up where I left off. I am already moderately familiar with WP and it’s various functions thanks to my cousin Jess who is a graphic artist and web designer. Inserting hyperlinks is super handy especially when you want people to be able to have easy access to links that source and reference what you’re talking about. It’s super easy to do and I probably will be abusing that feature on my own site. 🙃 See you all next week!

I Think I Could Totally Bring These Assignment Ideas To Life

After reviewing the links from the calendar and looking through a few of the assignments/project ideas that are up on ds106, there are two that stuck out to me the most and that I think I could do if I put in the time and effort.

The first one is this: How Does a Song Make You Feel?

This one interests me because I love music above many other art forms and I also love writing. The fact that music is a performance of writing makes it all the more special to me. I love the fact that lyrics can be both read and sung. It’s beautiful how much meaning sings can have. For these reasons I think that if I took the time to pick the right song I could own this assignment and make it really great! The hardest part would be choosing which song I’d like to use and choosing one that would capture the attention of many people and something everyone can relate to.

The second idea that interested me is: Where Do Your Shoes Take You?

I like this idea because it incorporates the use of visuals and I think that visuals are super important when experiencing or understanding something. I watched Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy’s this past Sunday and I loved the way that she utilized pre-recorded visuals to enhance her live performance. This project idea is very appealing to me because a day in the shoes of someone else could change the way you think about others and the lives they lead. I would love to give the world an idea of what a day is like in my shoes and to capture various moments of my day on camera would be amazing to me. I would definitely need help putting the videos together into one cohesive and smooth transitioning video/short about where my shoes take me.

I’m open to trying any and all of the ideas/assignments that were posted, even the more challenging ones that I have no idea how to do yet!

This is How I’m Feeling About CT101

My reaction gif is a snippet from the BET Awards during Desiigner’s performance of Panda. He’s pretty hilarious in general but his energy totally reflect how I feel about this class going forward. From day one of class I definitely felt like I picked something right for me because this feeds into my interests and is going to help me learn so much more about creating original work! Here’s my reaction gif:

If you can’t tell from my gif, I am SUPER excited about going forward in this class and I look forward to being able to reflect on these posts a month from now and see how far I’ve come.

This Has Been Making Me Way More Happy Than I Expected

So I’m not sure how many of you guys watch BET or their original movies but they recently premiered a biopic on the group New Edition. New Edition is group made up of Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Michael Bivins, Rick Bell and Ronnie DeVoe who got together in 1978 to become a “boy band”. (Later adding Johnny Gill). They created a lot of music and overall achieved an astonishing level of success together despite the many struggles they faced growing up and being famous. The best part of the movie in my opinion is the scene where everyone (minus Bobby) is in the studio recording the song “Can You Stand The Rain.” This scene is so symbolic of the issues they faced trying to stay together and be successful. On Youtube someone posted this scene so this is literally the main part of the 3+ hour mini-series that is making me so so sooo happy.

Other than this scene the overall movie is really amazing and it was super accurate because all of the members were actually involved in the production of the film. If you get a chance to watch it, I highly recommend!

This is my first gif and yes, it’s Future.

Let me start by saying first and foremost that by no means am I Future’s number one fan. I do however like many of his songs. I only started listening to him because he’s practically my bf’s idol and I wanted to relate. Anyhow, the song that this video came from is actually by 21 Savage and features Future. 21 Savage is pretty cool too. My favorite number is 21 so I guess we relate lol. I picked this part because Future looks super majestic and I was feeling his dance moves. Here is my first gif:

Second gif is based on one of my favorite artists, Kehlani. She’s from the Bay Area and is an amazing R&B singer and dancer. I definitely cite her as one of my inspirations in life. Here’s my Kehlani gif from her music video for her song Distraction. In order to make a gif from this video, I was forced to stray away from imgur because they’re super restrictive when it comes to certain videos due to quality/size etc. Not sure if that’s a problem but it worked. 🙂 (As you can see from the watermark, I used

For my third and final gif, I was once again forced to use because imgur rejects like, everything. This one pays homage to my Puerto Rican roots and comes from a live video of late Boricua singer and musician, Hector Lavoe. He is a personal favorite of mine and the song he was performing is titled Mi Gente, which means “my people”. As the title suggests, he is singing all about our beautiful island and people. Here’s the gif:

That’s all for now, see y’all when I do the next assignment. 🤓🇵🇷