Almost to the Finish Line

The most interesting work I have done in this class was creating gifs, because it was the first time I have done so and I actually enjoy it. The least intersting thing I’ve done in this class would have to be the blogs, because I was never a fan of blogging. I don’t think this course is difficult at all, it’s easy because we are not forced to read text book and everyone can create their own works on what they like. Trying to get a high grade in this class would inspire me to create work, reflect on it, and post it. Looking at the progress check in form, I know i’m not where I want to be. I believe my lack of links and animations in my posts are hurting me. I will you this as motivation to incorporate the necessary links and animations in all my posts. Starting……Now!


Will Shocked

Fair Game?….More Like “Unfair” Game

In the case of Andy Baio, he took an original image from Jay Maisel, and altered it and made it his own and got sued because of it. Andy states, “It breaks my heart that a project I did for fun, on the side, and out of pure love and dedication to the source material ended up costing me so much — emotionally and financially”. I agree with him here because I believe his picture was fair use and it is not fair to him that he had to go through all of this. In Richard Prince’s case, he discusses how the lower courts decide how the artists can alter pictures. Prince states “Still, the appeal leaves it to the lower court to decide just how much an artist needs to affect an image in order to change it.” I believe an artist should be able to take a picture, change it to their liking and be able to use it without the law interfering.

Social Media is Life (Not Really)

I own a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Youtube, Google + (I know it’s a lot). Instagram is the one I check the most, I’m on instagram everyday, every hour, every second (not really). I keep my instagram public because I don’t post anything bad nor do I have anything to hide, and I go on my youtube every day to watch videos. I used to use my Facebook everyday but then it got boring for me so I only go on it to watch funny videos same thing goes for vine and twitter. I NEVER use Google +. Reading Danah Boyd article did not change my view on social media, because I already knew there is certain things you can’t put on social media.

What’s the plan?


I don’t have and actual plan for this course, but I do plan to get as much assignments done as I possibly can. I plan to do these assignments as soon as I get them, i would use the time after class to try and get them done. I chose to do this because I want to receive the most points that I possibly can. I also choose to do this because I know I may not get the full pout value for each assignment. I think the choice of assignments was given to us so we don’t have to stress and do every assignment, we can have a sense of freedom.