Copyright or Plagiarism?

Copyright or Plagiarism? The difference between the two is copyright is the “exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do so.” Whereas plagiarism is the “practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.” Those are the google definitions for both. So you see they are not the same nor alike in any way. I think copyright is a great idea, a lot of great things have been created from copyrights. The Star Wars film being one of them. They got their idea from movie Flash Gordon made in 1967 and we all know Star Wars is a household name.  My take on it, is that artists take an original piece and remake it into a phenomena.  Musicians do it all the time, Iv’e heard a lot of r&b songs with old school Jamaican beats and the songs hit the top of the charts. We are taught all our lives in the school system to not copy from our peers but when you look at it, most geniuses are created from copying the ideas of another genius(es) and both are successful. Copyright comes from inspiration nothing else and there is enough room for everyone at the table.


The CORONA VIRUS!!!!! SHEESH. Where do I start. What I want to say is that nothing changes if you was doing the right thing from the start; meaning washing your hands often, using disinfectant wipes and wiping down your items, eating your fruits and vegetables . These are things I was doing before the corona virus, and these are ways to prevent from getting sick.

Before they announced this lock down, I still did my regular routine now that we are stuck in the house Iv’e been doing a lot of reading, studying, spending time with family,etc..

I think with the help of social media and the news it makes this situation more hyped up. I don’t think anyone has experienced anything like this in their life. We’re living in a historical time right now, this is also a spooky time but at the same time like everything else this too shall pass.

As far as classes go, this is already a hybrid class so I’m not worried about this class at all. For my other classes things we’re using blackboard collaboration ultra and I’m trying to get used to it but champions adjust so ill get through it. Let’s go Ct101. We’ll end out the semester strong.



Two Sided One View

So, yea this group project required patience. Before getting into our groups we did the panoramic picture in class and professor, you made it look so easy. Let’s talk about the first stop we made:

Looks like we did our thing right? We did… After 10 tries. This was probably the hardest one, being that the room was so small, so when you tried to run behind the person taking the picture we didn’t make it in time. We spent so much time in there trying to figure it out.

This is how the pessimistic ones in the group (me being one) were acting, like “let’s leave were wasting time.” We almost gave up on the music room but thanks to the positive members in our group we pushed through and it turned out good. Once we got the hang of the panoramic picture we started to have some fun with it.

This one was our last stop and was unplanned which makes it my favorite. Originally we were on our way to the Atrium but walking past this open space we couldn’t resist. We took this idea from the examples that was shown in class, done by other groups in prior classes. We tried to make it look like a realistic reaction from one group to the other by pointing at each other. We did four different pictures in four different locations.

And we still managed to finish with 20 mins to spare!

Are Memes Art?

Memes are an expression of how people feel using a short caption and a funny photo, if that isn’t art I don’t know what is. The dictionary definition of art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form” and that is what memes do. Someone decided to express theirselves using a photo and a caption that the masses can relate to. Social media has created a culture and a platform for memes. Every year there is a new meme that comes out that sparks a conversation and that is art. Art has advanced and adding memes to this advancement won’t be far fetched.

Some of my favorite memes that are a classic is:

The kermit alter ego meme. Some funny ones I’ve seen is me: I just got paid. I’ll save my money. Me to me: you get paid in two weeks, GET LIT!

This is another favorite of mine, the sponge bob mocking face. I still use this to this day. Mocking people and switching up the words.

The shady kermit meme, “sips tea”

These are all creative ways of expression, the new era of art. These are the two memes I created for Ct101. You can tell by the picture how I feel about this class compared to all my other classes. The contrast of the two speaks for itself.





How I felt the last weeks of the semester knowing my schedule had all the classes I wanted, with all the credits I needed, the professors with great ratings and I still got to fit in Fridays off. Break was around the corner and my vacation was coming up. Felt great:  

Then one day I woke up and realized my winter break was coming to an end and school started back in less than a week:

How I woke up the first day back to classes after getting 5 hrs of sleep the night before; “I don’t want to gooooooooo”: Side note… I really did not go.

But this is how I walked into York the next day after realizing all I needed was 8 hrs of sleep to function:

Tuesday was my first day back and I walked into my second class of the day, Ct101, not knowing what to expect and then professor Ryan hit us with the “I don’t do finals or exams.” He had the whole class like:

That last reaction was ME

After an eventful week of learning my classes and going through my syllabuses, there was nothing to worry about; this semester was mine for the taking. Nothing was going trip me up. Like girl you got this:

Week 2: Still got this lol:

Week 3: “Oh s*** I don’t got this.”

It never fails, I go through this every semester. The first two weeks I feel like super woman, nothing can stop me. Then the third week comes and BOOM; Now I got two exams the following week I have to prepare for, three papers due at 11:59pm and a presentation at 8am the next morning. LIKE WHERE DID ALL OF THIS WORK COME FROM?:

But it’s cool cause there is only 12 weeks in a semester and it always goes by quick. When it’s all said a done I’m going to be running out of York like:

“Super Woman out” (Obama’s voice).