Reaction Gif by Tyrone Smith

When I first came into class I was trying to figure out what’s the main thing I will be learning about in the class. My family kept asking me what’s CT 101 and I couldn’t give them an answer except I don’t know. As a result I was a little scared and didn’t know what to expect.








Now after a few days of class i can say that I’m not scared but thrilled about the next remaining classes because we learn something new everyday. Learning about technology has always made me excited and I’m always happy to learn more.

My Experience with photoshop by Tyrone Smith

Ever since memes was created, I always wanted to make one because it’s a new way to communicate with people around the world. People can relate to you based off of your meme which is amazing to me. It was suprisingly easy as well to use photoshop and create this meme. In the future whenever I want to make a meme, I know it’s going to be very easy and simple. Here are some of the memes I found the other day and the other two I made myself.

Video Games are my passion


Video games is something that I’ve been playing since I was in kindergarten. I remember when I was young playing the Sega genesis, the Nintendo game cube with my father who introduced me into video games.






Before I had to share these game consoles with my father because I was too young to have one for myself. Now that I’m older I got myself a Playstation 4 and a Xbox One to myself so I don’t have to share with my father anymore. Overall video games is what made me who I am today and I’m grateful for my father for introducing me to them.