My first website!

This past week I got my first website under the name . The funny thing is, I didn’t even know the morning of that day, that this will happen.

I can’t speak for other’s, but on my side. I’m ecstatic to have my own website!..ECSTATIC!

I’m OFFICIALLY in love with CT101 as a class.

so, I took great pleasure, in customizing my own website

but it wasn’t EASY…I had seek help from this video….only then i got the hang of my website.

I’m still enjoying customizing my website..till then..






3 idiots!

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Movie: 3 idiots!


Actors:Aamir Khan Madhavan Sharman Joshi Kareena Kapoor

language: Hindi

-The above movie in my opinion is the best movie I have ever watched. And I feel is a MUST watch for everyone of every age. Not to prove any point or any other personal reason. Just out of the sheer love I have for this movie, I want people to experience what I have experienced.

– Let me elaborate my love for this movie.I am nobody who has anything to with the making of this movie. It’s not a movie from my country nor the language of the movie. Yet I deeply regret, this movie didn’t win an Oscar. If things were in my control, I’d give all the oscars of 2010 to this movie.

–  As a movie lover, I have watched many movies in my life so far. I have notice most movie tends to foucs on only issue or topic. The movie is either serious or light or just pure comedic. but this movie is a rollercoaster of everything.

  • It explores: Friendship, love, family, student life, poverty, suicide, success, failure, miscommunication, humor, motivation, goals and creativity through the magnificent story of 3 engeneering students.
  • Its okay of you don’t like or connect with any of the things above, but I still invite you to experience this movie. I promise you atleast laughter.