Animated Graffiti

Animated Graffiti was one of the hardest things so far that ive had to do in ct101. i mean who ever can perfect this hobby has great talent. it is a lot of different steps that takes place in fully getting whatever picture you choose to be fully animated. ive seen some great ones i just wasnt able to complete my own. maybe with more time and practice i will come to perfect it but until then im not really sure how its supposed to be completed. i tried my hardest and within a couple more tries i will get it down pack. this task is not really a beginners task.

Poem Made With Twilight Zone Titles



Uncle Simon

The Old Man In The Cave,

Come Wander With Me,

A Nice Place To Visit,

Walking Distance,

Through The Valley Of Shadows,

Nothing In The Dark,


The Invaders,

The Encounter,

The Fear,

Where is Everybody?vlcsnap-2013-10-30-19h17m24s152 this is the ds106 assignment link. i found this assignment to be pretty cool because i love the twilight zone series pretty spooky all the time. so it was interesting to use the titles of the episodes to create a poem.

Creating GIFs

RqDf7I2 - Imgur (1)

Creating a Gif was hard at first because it was something I wasn’t used to, but once you get the hang of it its pretty cool and fun. especially since i wanted to create them, now i know how to do so. this is so cool to do. most of my Gifs so far just includes dancing because i love to dance. v2DFxKV - ImgurCaptain America is going to be so good May 6th!!! I can’t wait to see it! That Kick Tho!!!