Wrap Up

This semester at York has been beyond tough for me. Originally this CT101 course was not on my schedule. With financial aid dropping all of my classes , I had to find a class to fit my schedule and luckily this course was chosen. At first I wondered what could a professor possibly teach that would spark my interest. Little did I know there were tons of things that were in store for me this semester. Every Thursday I anticipated what I was going to learn that day. Thanks to my wonderful professor I was revealed to the depth of digital storytelling, and the creative ways of using the computer/internet. As the semester comes to a close I am truly happy I chose this class and I plan to use the skills I learned and make my own sneaker website in the future. I definitely wont take this class for granted and share my knowledge with others , that was obtained. Thanks to Professor Smith my experience in this course was amazing.

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The “new and improved” James Harden and the Houston Rockets have been on the role lately. With James Harden now playing at the point guard position he is now playing at a prominent level. Not only be a unstoppable scorer but now facilitating, leading the league in assist. This shows his craftiness and elusive moves to get a bucket against the defensive powered Spurs.