The Art of Panoramic Photography

Panoramic Photography captures images with horizontally elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography.

Example of a Panoramic outside of class..

“Train View” 

Before: Color Pano

After: Black and White Pano


Panoramic can be pretty cool as-well. You can make somebody appear in the image more than once as if they have a twin the same picture as them.

Example of Class Panoramic Photos

“The Thinking space”

For example duplicating a person or thing in a image looks like this. In this image the “Michael” moves from one chair to another to be seen in a picture twice. I took this photo in a studio with two chairs and one scene.



Another example my partner “Michael” took of me being doubled in an image. This image also took place in the studio. This image looks cool because I am in the same image with out having to edit myself in the photo.



Panoramic images can help express a person in different view points in one image. With panoramic photos you can make it seem like one person is “talking” to themselves in one image as if there is two people in the image.

Meme Post 10/02/18

I created these two memes at home. I decided to base it off high school when you and your friends are ready to chill after class. I wanted to give that fun feeling to this meme. 

This one I made in class. I thought this would be funny because nobody likes HW on the first day either its for college or high school. The way Pauly face expression is expressed my mood for when I get assigned homework on the first day. 

These are memes I found off the internet that I like and wanted to share them. I find them hilarious and I hope you all too.

Are Memes Art? – Caitlin Toro

Memes are art in my opinion. I feel everyone express their art in different ways. In this meme you see this man being praised by the people below him. Which in the written part it express a moment when you let the kid stay up late making you the best aunt or uncle at the moment. I find this hilarious because it relates to a moment in my life when I slept over my aunts house we would stay up late and watch movies with popcorn.

People use real art to make memes as well. Which is pretty funny. We create this image into a short moment in our lives or just something humorous with a combination of some else’s art.

This meme is funny because it about our time. We just passed 2017 and when we have grandkids we can tell them the stories of how things use to be just like our parents did.