Corona not a joke

Corona virus!! hmmmm. i don’t know where to start the conversation of coronavirus. The first time i heard about  recent epidemic of Covid-19 . I was worried and had a lot of questions like what is that? , where did it came from? , how it happened?

after figuring out all the question answers my face was literally shocked

when i saw the news that coronavirus is spreading rapidly everywhere and saw the updates from governor cuomo , president trump to stay home  and wash hands continuously, do the self quarantine. Also,declared a state of emergency. i was like that must be serious.

For me i have to go to work since my job is in the essential category . i was so mad but can not do anything about it as long i can be safe wearing mask and gloves.

i am so worried about my parents. if they get it will be a major issues for me . They both are so sick so i always tell them to be safe, wash their hands like 20 second and sanitize their hand and myself also.

I actually like online classes since i have to go to work so for me it is more easier to have classes online though i like to go to CT101 class because professor Ryan always show us new stuff on the computer. For me i learn things when i see the example in face to face class. so when i heard about all the classes going to be an online due to corona virus . I was so sad only for CT101 class because i really enjoy  that class. That is one my best class. I missing all the moment now with the classmates and obviously professor also.

Panoramic Storytelling with Multiplicity

For this assignment when i heard about that panoramic picture. i was interested because i had done before but that was not perfect so i will have more experience  while doing the panoramic picture. Basically,we need to make two groups and  take at least three picture. After so many attempt  we  got our first picture.

while we are taking the first picture we made lot of mistake. The picture did not come properly after few attempt than we stopped for a moment to know how to get exact picture. We tried some examples to get a perfect picture. finally i think we got not perfect one but at least we can tell that is panoramic picture. as you can see in the first picture we were talking  than we had huge fights though we all were laughing and making comments on each other while taking the panoramic after all that we make out at the end. For me that was nice moment we all had.

On the second picture , as you can see we went to library to get the second picture. In this picture,it shows one side some are forced to reading books and looking for books since we have to finish our assignments. Also, another side we having fun at the library  after finishing our assignment.

The last picture we had taken outside York College shows that on the right side we were waiting for CT101 Class and also enjoying the weather. On the left side we are running  to the class because we did not notice we are getting late also excited for going to CT101 class .

Overall, we did Amazing job. i just enjoyed a lot while doing this assignment . This was really helpful for me and also i have got to meet with nice classmates.

Are internet memes art?

Coming late to the class that is my exact reaction and looking to everyone if  i am the only one late in the class.

if someone try to argue about anything which is not good to say it directly in-front of  face .

one of my favorite class from my entire semesters.😍

love the reaction of the videos i do the same reaction how you-tuber make the faces of the videos.

This is what happened of  when you try to fight in real like second picture of two cats.

Me and my sister  when we get serious of some  argument.  

My first GIF post

On the first day of this class. I was so nervous  and thinking about how the class will be?

when i heard there is no test for this class i was dancing in my mind. Also, when we all heard this class will not be hard as  we think . it will be the easiest class and lot of things we will learn about the communication technology.

this is me when i see some interesting things and show it to my friends.

when guest are about go so i can eat rest of the food left.(what my mom made for them)

when i see a couple proposing to each other.

me on my evening lecture classes after work.

This is me gets shy when the whole class looks at me while i do my presentation.

i get so angry when the internet act weird at the end moment when its about to finish updating and get error message.

assignment no1-happy internet me

Hello, My name is Nasrin Sultana. hmm what makes me happy on the internet?  Internet makes me happy when i see the funniest videos and memes. Internet is my best friend when i am alone that give the energetic jam. every time when i am on internet i do not see the time until feel sleepy. i like to read commenting section where people writes comments about the videos. they are so pure and honest about the video whether it is serious moment or funny scenes.that make me laugh louder after seeing their funny comments.  Therefore, i really enjoy my alone time with the social media or any funny news.

just like this video on the above happened to me when me and my family also the relatives went for picnic. Literally we were 50 people went to park for picnic and actually some relative could not even come so imagine it could be a international trade fair. I cracked up laughing  after watched this video. we had the exact amount people when we were in the park. this is what shows that wherever we go  we always go with groups and share our fun staff together.

Everytime i have seen this video i laugh so hard more because of the guy laugh . he is a legend of laughter. people says laughter is the medicine but after seeing this video i feel immortal.