Final Blog Post

Whew, what a semester huh?  It’s not every semester we are forced out of everyday life and forced to be quarantined at home. Yea, but it happened.         Now, I remember the first day of class like it was yesterday. I was so excited to learn different programs on the computer, and… Continue reading Final Blog Post

COVID-19….the pandemic!

COVID-19 aka Corona Virus hit us out of the blue. Let me tell you…. OF COURSE this is NOT good. A virus that has taken, and can potentially take more lives. It has affected many nations and families around the world, and on top of that the economy is looking bad.     Now schools are… Continue reading COVID-19….the pandemic!


My group and I stared off having a wonderful idea to create a photo showing how we feel each day of the week. Long story short….we failed, but it’s okay. We came up with something else after many….many…..MANY trials. We ending up creating a photo of a rock, paper, scissors tournament. I was the photographer.… Continue reading Pano-Project

How BIG or small can we go with digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling can go a loooooooong way. From something as BIG a movies or something more smaller  and much less complex such as meme’s.  For this assignment I picked 2 assignments from the University of Mary Washington DS106 assignment repository. The first one I choose was “Are we there yet?”. This assignment required me to take… Continue reading How BIG or small can we go with digital storytelling?

Are Meme’s Art??

  Are meme’s art?  I mean  slapping some  words  on  an  picture  is  not  really  art.  Anyone  can  do  that. Just  look  at  these  little kids….they  do  it  all  day!  Now  when  people  edit meme’s and  add  to  it  I believe  that  is  art. This is a good form of communication,  because it can express… Continue reading Are Meme’s Art??

CT101 Digital Storytelling