Final Blog Post

Whew, what a semester huh?  It’s not every semester we are forced out of everyday life and forced to be quarantined at home. Yea, but it happened.





Now, I remember the first day of class like it was yesterday. I was so excited to learn different programs on the computer, and put them to the test. The professor explained to us what we were going to get out this class, but I didn’t expect life to complicate that.

This meme describes how I felt trying to understand our CT101 course work from home. I had so many other classes that was piling up work on me, but I was use to that type of work. Taking a quiz here, writing an essay there, completing a lab here, reading a textbook there. Everything in that sense I was able to do, but it became overwhelming.

Now I enjoyed the fact that our professor was very lenient when it came our work, because lord knows I could not figure it it. Making a website came out horrible for me, because I did not know what to do. I followed the videos the best way I could, but  could  not understand for the life of me how to make a website LOOK like an actual website. Now….. pleas don’t make fun of me (lol), but this is my website. Beautiful right ? Now  I wanted this  to  be  a space  for  people  to anonymously  write  stories,  vent,  etc..

Yes, this may not show what I learned, but it does show I tried. From memes to Giphys to even learning about copyright.  All of these we use on a daily basis with the technology we have out here today, so therefore it is important for us as a consumer to know how to do these things.

One of my favorite projects from this class was the Pano-picture project. This was one of my last memories from CT101 before we had to go into quarantine. Let me refresh your memory. Down below is the picture I did with my group. It brings back memories of frustration that turned into a beautiful picture, and now I can teach others how to do this cool camera trick.                                                                                                                                          Now will I continue to use my website outside of CT101?







Now to really answer that question I most likely will not due to my inability to grasp the concept of creating and maintaining a website. Though I would have love to continue using it if I did.  🙁

Now when you ask me what grade I deserve or want….OF COURSE AN A+







Now what grade I deserve….I’m not sure, but what I do know is I tried my very best….was in all the zoom classes ANNNNNND grasp most of out concepts this semeste. (JUST TO STATE MY CASE LOL)


COVID-19….the pandemic!

COVID-19 aka Corona Virus hit us out of the blue. Let me tell you…. OF COURSE this is NOT good. A virus that has taken, and can potentially take more lives. It has affected many nations and families around the world, and on top of that the economy is looking bad.



Now schools are shutting down, businesses that are deemed “not essential” are shut down……but don’t worry the liquor store is deemed essential, so for all of you that loves to turn up….you have nothing to worry about.

Now personally 3 out of the 5 classes I am taking was already online, and quite frankly I originally wanted all my classes online for my senior year, but not due to a pandemic.  The transition was fairly smooth for me. The only thing I need to know is will there be a graduation ceremony , because that is what pushed me to finish college, so that’s the only thing i’m worried about.

Now…..let me express the cons…. I worked in a school so currently I am jobless….I am extremely bored in my house 24/7, but I am not complaining because I always said I needed a break. So, in all actuality I got my wish granted to me….in a sick way. I am up under my whole dysfunctional family lol, ANNNND I can never find anything to watch on Netflix (PLEASE COMMENT SUGGESTIONS). I was so used to my regular routine, and now I was forced to completely change it. 





Now the memes are the only thing that’s not making me feel bad about this situation, because it seem like everyone can relate, and it made me think back to this class….here are some of my favorite.

















Now I am trying to make the best of this and enjoy it while it lasts, because it’s going to be that day when we get back to normal life and wish we can just get another break from everything. Use this time the best way you can! 🙂


My group and I stared off having a wonderful idea to create a photo showing how we feel each day of the week. Long story short….we failed, but it’s okay. We came up with something else after many….many…..MANY trials. We ending up creating a photo of a rock, paper, scissors tournament. I was the photographer. Now I think many people don’t realize that this is probably the hardest job. You gotta make sure you don’t mess up, because it just makes more work for everyone. Gotta make sure you don’t move or shake or the photo won’t come out wrong, so I felt a lot of pressure. Well here is what we cam up with..                                                                                 We went around many parts of the school, and ended up using a spot on the third floor. As you can see I messed up a little, but the overall photo is supposed to give off a story that a very intense game going on. Overall my groups ended up doing a wonderful job and we did the thing!

How BIG or small can we go with digital storytelling?

Digital storytelling can go a loooooooong way. From something as BIG a movies or something more smaller  and much less complex such as meme’s. 

For this assignment I picked 2 assignments from the University of Mary Washington DS106 assignment repository. The first one I choose was “Are we there yet?”. This assignment required me to take an image and change the concept in where I am and  what I am doing. I choose this, because 1…. it seemed easy and 2…I could really express what I was going through with a good ole’ classic meme.



Now if you have not experienced this yet in college I’m going to spill the beans so listen up.…… THERE WILL BE ONE SEMESTER WHERE YOU WILL HAVE A BOZO IN YOUR GROUP!  (No seriously)  So, these are the 2 meme’s I came up with to express how I feel this….very…..moment.







Now try and guess how I’m feel




Are Meme’s Art??


Are meme’s art?  I mean  slapping some  words  on  an  picture  is  not  really  art.  Anyone  can  do  that. Just  look  at  these  little kids….they  do  it  all  day!  Now  when  people  edit meme’s and  add  to  it  I believe  that  is  art.

This is a good form of communication,  because it can express EXACTLY what we feel in a form of a message. This can be a form of self-expression due to the fact we can edit in or out  words or phrases to match exactly how we feel. We probably find people who feel the same way. It also makes for a good laugh.






Some of my favorite meme’s are…..















Now here is my CT101 meme…….