TierraJai’s Final CT Blog Post

Hello CT Classmates and Prof.Ryan!

The semester sped by and just like that ‘a new beginning’ has come to an end of a chapter.

I know I will miss CT 101 and Professor Ryan’s inspirational quotes. Part of me thinks about CT becoming my minor because I feel it is one of the best ways I can receive help towards my entrepreneurial dreams while earning my degree. However, I’m still considering it honestly because I’ve taken about 2 (soon 3) courses in theatre and am still interested in other art classes. Plus, Prof.Ryan set the CT Professor bar pretty high. It took me a while to finally declare Psychology as a major so I would appreciate anyone willing to inform me of their experience thus far as CT Majors and Minors to help me sort through the decision.

At the start, I was extremely optimistic about my abilities and what I would accomplish. The biggest accomplishment for me was creating my website and my first official photoshop project (ZINE). While posting to my blog and in the mix of taking 4 other classes I experienced highs and lows of inspiration. But each time I reached class, I felt renewed and welcomed so I was always able to have a clear mind for creating. I feel I deserve an A in the class because, throughout the semester, I always found time to attend classes and stay after hours for help. In addition, I supported classmates in learning WordPress and stayed active in appreciating the creations of other posts and blogs. Writing posts displaying the various aspects of your self so that it can be a place for all people is not easy, but I am proud that I have begun doing so. Due to that, I was able to find my writing style as a blogger. My paintings, drawings, and handwritten work can now be shared with many. I have created a place where I can exercise my knowledge of Psychology and allow it to support others for FREE!

*I didn’t give myself an A+ because I did not complete check-ins, but I would have if I knew it was okay to mark time spent creating and not just check-ins for final created post. However, I remained active with creating by writing, journaling, photo editing, learning through photoshop tutorials displayed on my site*

Feat. My Photoshop Self Portrait! Tinkerbell looks good in orange. I said it first

I still learned the most valuable lessons of the class. I learned how to practice combining my skills with the teachings of others so that I could learn on my own. I was able to experience school in a positive and untraditional setting which supported my creativity and my overall experience at York. In the last few years, my greatest passion has been writing and exploring many art languages. CT101 gave me the outlet to express this and I consider the class the first official support I’ve ever had towards my future career and this is exactly what I intended to experience. I say the experience was a success!

I will continue to post on my site (after all, I CANNOT give up my URL name for many future business reasons). After the winter break, my goal is to have about 5 new “passionately written share-worthy” post. I already have many post in mind such as; “Affirmations for Everyday Peace”, “Beginning Meditation as YOUR practice”, “Heart to Heart conversations with friends and families”, “Embracing creativity regardless of pressures to define it”, “Using Music to Heal through trauma”, “How can we avoid feelings of sinking after College Graduation”…and many more… soooo..stay tuned and comment to subscribe to the blog if interested at tierrajai.com and please share with friends!

I’m grateful for the interactions I’ve had with classmates and that I was able to learn more about my colleagues. Cheers to accomplishing our dreams and never forgetting the influence of our abilities! I wish you all the best.

“Your Potential Self is Infinite” 

With Peace and Love, Tierra Jai

Humanity In The Hands of Technology (ZINE CollabProject)


My Zine Creation interpreting the following:

“How technology and creativity are powerful learning tools for communication, inspiration, digital storytelling and design.”


It was an honor to be given the opportunity to join the ZINE COLLAB PROJECT. I haven’t thought much about technology and design to this extent before and I appreciate the encouragement to do so. It was exciting to imagine my creation alongside others in both web and physical copies of the ZINE Magazine. This pushed me into high creative expectations.

Technology has become a large part of our human evolution and creativity. Often times it is overwhelming with how much technology has fused into our lives, but I wouldn’t have it be any other way because of how much it has allowed us to progress. My ZINE  interprets this dual representation and how our evolution is intertwined with our technological capabilities.

It took time to finalize the overall layout of my final ZINE creation titled ‘Humanity in the Hands of Technology’, however, I am proud of the result and hope others can enjoy it as well.


I first began with understanding my interpretation of the project prompt and accessing what I wanted viewers to focus on. I preferred to do this by jotting down what I associated with the themes. The link is a page displaying the process ZINE PROJECT – Google Docs. Then I searched for images using Pixabay that would represent these understandings.

The most difficult part was learning how to use Photoshop in a way that would allow me to produce work that blended well together. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want my amateur Photoshop skills to distract from the creative lens. So, I watched a few youtube videos which kept me creatively open to what Photoshop could do. I also received help from a friend and a classmate which allowed me to feel more confident in the basics (Lasso, Crop tool, Free transform, Uploading images, Layers) and how to maintain organized.

Major Beginner Photoshop Tip: 

Stay organized when using the app by doing one task at a time.
If you click away into a handful of tools without understanding what they are doing, the commands get tangled and make it difficult to undo. Plus organized work makes it all easier to learn while you explore!


Background: Used to represent time.

Nature: Representing the advancement of our environment and connection to nature.

Human Figure: A symbol of ancestors and tribes that were indigenous to the land. Face to face, as a representation of communication between family, generations, and species alike. The colors and shape of the human figure also represent currency, as it is a need and holds an impact on our technological advancement.

Cyborgs and Earth Encoded: The male and female cyborgs symbolize what we as humans have become alike to be able to exist alongside the speed of our creations. Centered white cyborg, a symbol of technological advancements that exceed our expectations and lift us higher towards enhanced communication and inspiration around the globe.

Hieroglyphics and Coding: Another symbol of the transformation of our species in communication and storytelling. Thanks to technology our speed of doing so has increased, allowing us to educate people throughout generations as well of people of the now.

My main focus was to influence those who are viewing the ZINE to think about technology and our creative human abilities as a whole.


I am grateful that the class was introduced to the assignment because we were pushed to explore our creativity with intentions to represent not only ourselves but the world! I enjoyed viewing the work of others because it opened my perspective on the prompt and was inspiring. Not only were we each given the opportunity to inspire others, but we were also able to experience it new by supporting the digital storytelling of others.  Thank you, Professor Ryan!


Zine created and an article written by: Tierra Jai.

An Adventure through Panoramic Storytelling

Panoramic Storytelling By: Tierra Desir


I wonder what it means to be a cardinal. Have we been flying? We have. It was best we stopped to capture the moment then.


Here is a panorama birds-eye view of where I meditate and manifest.

My chalk notes to self: LIVE IN YOUR HIGHEST CENTER 


My friend and I spent this moment sitting back to back, talking about what we saw in the trees, clouds, and people all around us. We felt one another’s breath as we spoke. We listened to music that ignited our soul and waved our arms like a goddess with 4 arms emitting energy to all willing. It was a beautiful day, one I won’t forget.


The two children holding hands caught my eyes first. It started with passion and then everything else followed.


This failed panorama view took my friend to another dimension. I initially saw only error, until another friend mentioned that he looked as if he was going into the wall. Then I saw one individual, traveling alone. A person seeking companionship by the shadows of the hawk woman at the portal between this world and another. 


Memes are life. Life is art. Memes are art.

Any limitation on the definition of art would leave an underlying limitation on the art piece considered to be. It would be setting the blank page of one artist unequal to the blank page of another. 
-Tierra Desir



Art is a word used to describe creative expression. 

Art is a language. An open conversation or the lack of. 

Art is life.

Art is death.

Art is the bridge between what has been seen and never seen before.

Art is a feeling.

Art is subject to judgment, doubt, and hate.

But Art is freedom, available no matter the circumstance.

So it is also love and a representation of what we seek.

It can be kept in the mind and then freed through the body.

It can be carved into stone and held behind glass for centuries. 

It can be transformative. 

It can be pixels sparking minds through one’s senses.

Art allows the creators’ feelings to be understood without their literal presence.

Proof that we are more than the physical world.

Art will always exist.

Mouths may question it but the word will remain in conversations, always existing.

So you ask, are memes art? 

Memes trend for the very same reasons listed above. Yes, they are.


Written by Tierra Desir



SWEET VICTORY: CT101 My First Impressions

SWEET VICTORY: CT101 and My First Impressions

by Tierra Desir

I usually don’t get excited about my classes, but I remembered how great of an idea it was to register for CT101 the moment I realized it wouldn’t be like the typical class setting.

All I had to do was FINALLY share my creativity consistently. From there, I was pulled into my fierce inspiration/#GOGETTER energy.

Plus, when you’re this #EXTRAA you have to let it out or you might just start twitching.


I started scribbling artistic ideas and quotes of inspiration from Professor Seslow as soon as the class started. He mentioned that anxiousness is similar to the feelings of excitement. That blew my mind and we were only discussing the syllabus at the moment. In my visions, I saw colors, high mountains, blog post turned business outlets and collaborations with other classmates!! 

I was so excited to share my first blog post, but I can’t help but want interactions in the comment sections. Maybe my typical Instagram followers of mostly family and friends have spoiled me.

Truthfully, I hope the class will all interact with each other a bit more because at the moment the conversations feel more like…

However, I just made my first gifs’ and I will be soaking up all the Spongebob-Sweet Victory opportunities this class has to offer. Bring it on CT101.