Possessions and Entitlement

“Copyright is a permanently fixed of the original work in some form that can be received or heard. Only the copyright owner has the right to use their work. You have to have permission from the copyright owner to use their content or you’ve broken the law.” Copyright laws are in play to give credit where credit is due and to ensue that ideas and pieces of work aren’t stolen or given away to others to make money that isn’t theirs.

Laws are put in place for a reason, although I don’t agree with all of them and like Larry Lessig said, “we’re constantly living life against the law.” Copyrights are good for the people who create the work such as art, music, writing, etc. Those are all things that in my opinion are works of art and can’t be duplicated. However, thus far my experience in the journalism world has opened my eyes to copyrights that I find to be a little absurd. I worked for an entertainment website for short time that took facts from other articles and then rewrote them in their own words, which is ok. But using other people’s photos that are blasted all over Instagram, Facebook and other overly populated social media sites are NOT ok to use in such article.

Its hard for me to believe in laws such as these for those reasons and I think that Lessig has a valid argument, in that we should be recreating from what other people have made. Eventually that work will evolve forcing our generation and society to grow in a major way. Creativity feeds off of other creativity and we’re constantly learning from one another by conversations and personal displays of character, however we’re prohibited from copyrighting those. I’m not saying get rid of the law all together because I would want my work, should it ever be recognized, to be called my own. We need to find a balance as mentioned in the video of giving credit where it is due but allowing the youth to play with our own ideas to form visions of their own.

Game Plan: Reflection 5

For this course I’m working on two personal websites. One is tiacarrara.com featuring all my artwork, photo shoots and personal writing, which I created through weebly.com. Using reclaim domain I’ve created bestversionyou.com containing everything fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. During this semester I’m working on getting my certification through NASM for personal training and start my own business working with clients in and out of the gym through fitness training and goal setting. For the purposes of this class, I will be posting my reflections and weekly assignments through the ct101 blog post to maintain a professional standard for my personal use.

Strengths and Weaknesses

This photo was taken about two weeks ago at the gym to show my progress and encourage fitness motivation, using three different editing apps on my iPhone. Like most previously stated thats were my realm of expertise ends. I’m anticipating learning how to navigate different softwares on a more professional level.

Applications I’m most comfortable using include, Instagram, Studio, PixlrExpress+ and Hipstamatic. However, even then I’m mostly guessing and frustrated because it doesn’t turn out the exact shade of Vintage Hipster I was reaching for. These iPhone apps appear in my eyes to be the easiest to understand and are free, which is why I use them. By the end of the year I hope to purchase a quality camera for photo journalism so I’m eager to become tech savvy through this course.

Most software I’ve previously used were Audio Engineering programs used in my home studio, which include ProTools and Studio one. Although, I have experimented with PhotoShop and Illustrator I can’t say I’m content with my skills. iMovie and GarageBand are always fun to play around with but I can’t seem to fine tune like I’d wish. I’m excited to take this course and can’t wait to see the artistic excellence from my fellow students have to offer!