My New Webpage

I have to admit i was some what scared to start a webpage and choosing a domain name was the hardest decision.  I am super excited to start! STAY TUNED! 

poetic words_dailycreate

MzDarkChocolate ‏@MzDarkChocolate Sep 28 “Good Morning….. As I roll over into your warmth, hearing your deep breathing, your strong heartbeat settled me.” #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1350

Blurred lines copyright music infridgement

ROBIN THICKE “BLURRED LINES FT, T.I., PHARRELL WILLIAMS MARVIN GAYE ” GOT TO GIVE IT UP” I’m sure we all heard this very popular and catchy tune from musical artist, Robin Thicke’s 2013 hit blurred lines, he was accompanied by Pharrell Williams, and famed rapper “T.I.”.  This tune was Robin Thicke and Williams, version of the great… Continue reading Blurred lines copyright music infridgement

Rain Day_Daily Crate

MzDarkChocolate ‏@MzDarkChocolate Oct 2 #ds106 #tdc1363 #dailycreate it’s been raining all dam day As you can see my plants and vegetables have enjoyed the rain, and i was stuck inside catching up on my DVR shows 3:59 PM – 2 Oct 2015 ·


  Wasn’t sure what my supercut will be so, i decided to make it about my favorite character in the gaming world as well as movie world. Its Lara Croft Tomb Raider.   i was able to download the video of tomb raider from youtube with and i edited the videos with Imovie i did… Continue reading LaraCroft_SuperCut

CT101 Digital Storytelling