Breezy! Animated Graffiti


It’s Chris Brown, blinking! I think he has something in his eyes.

So, usually I take longer than everyone else to complete an assignment because I had to watch the tutorial second by second and follow what he was doing word for word so that I can get it right. Photoshop is really hard and I know that this is a simple task compared to what I’ve seen done on photoshop! Originally I wanted to make his eyebrows move up and down but I think I’ll try again in the future to do that.

DS106 First Post

I chose the assignment ‘Say I Like The Peanut Butter. The assignment requires choosing a scene from your favorite movie and creating a GIF while capturing the essence of a key scene, with minimal movement. This is a scene in my favorite movie Baby Boy when couple, Yvette and Jody got into a hated argument. Yvette tells Jody she hates him and here he is telling her that he hates her too and she is cowering as he steps closer to her face.

Here is the original assignment: