Creative Assignment!

If you all have been following my posts, we all can conclude that I am in love with music. It should not be a surprise then that I picked my creative assignment to be one that is an audio assignment. 

Since I already have some experience making mashups/remixes, I am excited to do this assignment! It is something that will continue to allow me to do what I love while getting a good grade in class!

So far, this assignment is going well for me because I have a few songs I have in mind to use. I definitely want to take a 90s song and a more recent song to mash up. It should be interesting to see if one can tell the difference.

Ultimately, my goal is to have you all be able to jam and enjoy my creative auditory assignment!!

CT 101- Class or My New Hobby?

CT 101 has become my new favorite class! As a Social Work major, this class has become a stress reliever from all the work I have to do for my other classes. I never knew this class would be so much fun. 

I’ve always been a fan of blogging and voicing my opinions but the only blog I’ve had is Tumblr! This experience is truly different and I’m looking forward to what else is in store for me!

Overall, whatever comes of this class, I know one thing for sure and that is blogging is my new hobby and I look forward to continue even after this class has unfortunately come to an end.

Memes Are The Best Form of Art!


Memes are undoubtedly art. Art is a form of expression,  a way to show your feelings towards something. If memes don’t perfectly do this, then what does? There are no limitations to art. There are numerous pieces of art out there. From…


Image result for photography art

Digital Art…

This digital art was made by my very own cousin. Her art tag is Syelet. She is truly talented and is destined to do amazing things in life. I am so proud of her!!

[BloomPuffs] GoodBye Year of the Dog [CLOSED] by TheStevieBoy



Image result for poetry art


Recently, Cardi B made history on being the first solo female rapper to win rap album of the year at the Grammys. Many of us, were shook. It made me question if music is art or a popularity competition. I was shocked that between Nicki Minaj… Lil Kim…Remy Ma…and numerous other female solo rap artists that are MUCH MORE LYRICAL than Cardi B…were not the ones to make history like this much earlier. Overall, congats to Cardi, I’m sure she worked hard to get up there but in my opinion, many more talented female solo rap artists deserved to be the first even before anyone knew who she was. Here’s to hope art becomes more appreciated in music and true hip-hop comes back!! 



Image result for GRAFFITI ART


The following is my very first meme. Not the best but it was a great process to learn how I can make better memes in the future 🙂



How Could I Not? – Assignment #1

How could I not start off my morning waking up to Power 105.1? Every morning, I have my Alexa set up to wake me up with Power 105.1.

Specifically, I listen to Power 105.1 so I can listen to The Breakfast Club. This always starts off my day in a positive way. It is one of the many things on the internet that makes me happy.

Then there’s always the other side of the morning for me…not so exciting. Which, unfortunately, Alexa cannot help me with!!

This artwork is based off a comic art couple. I follow them on the internet and Yehuda Devir always manages to make comics that I can relate to. Yehuda bases his art off of him and his wife, Maya Devir. If anyone is interested their website is Its always a pleasure to find awesome artwork and it makes me truly happy!

On the other hand, even though Alexa can’t help my face situation in the morning…makeup videos on the internet surely can :). Conveniently, another thing on the internet that makes me happy is makeup Facebook/Instagram lives! Specifically, I enjoy watching LesDoMakeup. She does not only help me learn how to do my makeup but she has such a great personality that it always has me glued to watch her!

I love her so much.  All of Les’s lives have me like…

Finally, the one thing on the internet that makes me the happiest is MUSIC. I love listening to a wide variety of music, from Childish Gambino to Adele. There are no limitations to great music! The best part is when your favorite artist covers one of your favorite songs. It is absolutely heaven to listen to. In the video below, you can share the pleasure to hear true beauty.

 Thanks for reading and sharing my love for the internet with me <3.