Worst website to go over at a family dinner? {NFLFEELSTHEBERN.COM}

Hey CT101! As you all know, we are now website builders/owners!! We have our own websites! So exciting! My website is going to possibly discuss the most controversial topics known to mankind…


Many of you will have one of the two reactions to my posts :


My website will have many objectives. Some of the few are:

  1. Give fair representation to all political parties (while also expressing my opinions). So basically, I will have a post that will just state facts and what is found about a certain topic. For example, I may discuss Trump’s new prison reform. Off of that, I will try to give all parties a fair chance but I will end it off with my personal opinion and have a corner which is simply my thoughts on the topic I wrote about (once again like Trump’s new prison reform).
  2. Keep everyone updated on news in the NFL. Usually, I only focus on my team (NY Giants) but on this website, my goal is to be more involved and look deeper into other teams as well.
  3. I will also have this platform mainly to discuss many of Bernie Sander’s political agenda. It is a fiery election and I will use as much resources I can to inform you all about the choices we have for 2020 (as unbiasedly I can).
  4. Honestly, my website will be a mixture of things. Occasionally, I will also post about gossip in pop culture. My recent post is about Cardi B and if she will be looked into for basically admitting to drugging and robbing men. I will keep updating on my website about this topic so keep checking on my website for updates.
    Post about Cardi B: http://nflfeelsthebern.com/uncategorized/will-cardi-b-be-investigated/ 

Anyways, thank you CT101 and please go ahead and check out my website http://nflfeelsthebern.com/!!!

Transforming Propaganda Posters!

This class has been such a pleasure so far. It is so fun to create and look at what everyone else has created! Usually classes stress us out but we can all agree that CT 101 is a stress relief! The skills I’ve learned so far have been interesting and definitely not among skills many outside our class obtains. For this project I have decided to transform the following poster:


As you can tell, this class is where we all come together to share opinions and MEMES! It is the best part.  Thus, I have transformed this poster for CT 101 to express how we unite as we fight for memes 🙂 .


Among the many peers I’ve worked and studied with, I know the most about my classmates from the class. I have never talked to any of you (besides like 2) face to face in class so it is even more interesting how much we all have shared and learned about each other! Looking forward to see and create much more!


After a long process and many obstacles, I was able to finally create my very 1st GIF portrait! It takes a lot of steps in order to create a GIF portrait. If you miss even one step, it will not allow you to be successful. I am relieved that I was able to create my first gif portrait because I have many more creative ideas to play with! One of those ideas is creating a mashup gif portrait of the numerous candidates for the 2020 presidency. As we all know, everyone and their mom is running this election so that would be interesting to create. Overall…

JK! I am interested to see how it goes but out of all I seem to be into my original choice from 2016: Bernie Sanders!!!


My Very Own Domain

Domain names are so important! They are like naming children, you can’t exactly change them later :(. I know exactly what I want to talk on my website! I want to do a mixture of things. The following GIFS are a tease to what you may find on my website 🙂

Bernie Sanders Dnc GIF by Election 2016 - Find & Share on GIPHY


Of course…my website will include the two things that should never be discussed during a family dinner!

AND YES… MY FIRST post on my website will be about Odell being traded to the Browns…

Overall, I am excited to have my own website and don’t want to spoil what I will name my domain BUT just know I will include both sports and politics in it.

Class Collab!

Panorama is so fun to play with! At first, I was dreading trying to take a picture because I hate taking pictures but it was so fun to do this assignment! 

We all started the class with a class panorama! It is something that was funny because as you can see we are pointing at ourselves. If you wanted, you can make a deep meaning out of this silly picture. Maybe we can take this picture and are blame ourselves (nicer way of putting is take responsibility) for what happens to us?


During the first day of the semester, I believe we are all motivated and happy because its a fresh start and we tell ourselves “we will do it all”. Unfortunately, by the end of the semester, we are so worn out and tired of the numerous papers and exams we had to take over the semester! This panorama is suppose to depict exactly that :).

Following is another two shots my group and I took. We were having a lot of fun but I am convinced I do not know how to stand still because in one picture it look like I have a prosthetic leg (LOL) and in another I’ve disappeared into a mesh of pixels… too funny.


(what is happening to me xD) 

Overall, this has been the most fun Ive had since a while doing an assignment.