Final Post! Goodbye everyone ~.~

CT101 has been the most interesting class I’ve ever taken! I’ve always been into web design and blogging so the skills I’ve learned during this class is going to be very helpful for me. The skills I’ve learned in photoshop will allow me to make memes, posters and so much more! I know for sure I will use my skills on my election because the 2020 election is coming up. I want to continue blogging on my website and use the skills I’ve learned in CT101 to better spread the knowledge of this upcoming election. I do intend to keep my website unbias and report more than just about Bernie Sanders. Until the election progresses, I am following Bernie Sanders because candidates like Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, etc. have not had rallies or many town halls. Overall, my website will make it clear that although I cover all of them, my ultimate favorite is obviously…:

The above is one of the projects I’ve worked on in CT 101,  a gif portrait. It was awesome how many steps are needed to make a 3 sec GIF. The amazing part is with practice, it takes less and less time.

Continuing on, we transformed propaganda posters. This was my favorite project because it was a time in the semester where I felt comfortable to go out of my way and play with photoshop. It really made my poster stand out which made me really proud!

Finally, the vaporwave project was interesting to work on because it was something very original. I was unable to finish it in class so I had to complete it at home which made it very difficult. I do not have photoshop so I had to look for alternatives and came upon an awesome alternative called!

Overall, this semester was amazing.   I worked really hard on all of the projects in CT101. I even added some of my own spice into many of the projects. It was in hopes that it made sure everyone knew it was mine :). To add, I have not missed one day of face to face class either! Never wanted too, it was always so fun and informative. Thus, due to all this, I believe for this class I’ve earned an A.

Lastly, please continue to check out my website Thank you, Professor Ryan and CT101 for a semester to remember!!!


Exploring all of my classmates websites was so fun! I had endless choices on which websites I wanted to talk more about but definitely two of them stood out to me the most. Those two websites were and

Both of these writers stood out to me because it was like a blast of my own personality. In Ariana’s website she talks about all things that interest me like skin care, music, and, much more. I have struggled with acne my whole life (as long as I can remember honestly) and Ariana’s skin care routine has intrigued me so much. It is so detailed and interesting, I’m going to experiment and follow the steps myself. Hopefully it will help me in the long run! I will keep you all updated if it does 🙂 

On Jan’s website, I am given such a blast from the past because I used to watch poetry myself. Lately, I was unable to have inspiration to do poetry because the one person who introduced me to it and mentored me in it has passed away. Hopefully, as I continue to read Jan’s website, I can maybe build up the courage and inspiration to start writing poetry again myself.

Here is a poem I’ve written a long time ago myself.

Thank you for hearing my thoughts! I hope someone can give me feedback on my website! I really want to expand on it. Look out this week on a post about this season’s NFL DRAFT! It is . Thank you all!!


Hey class! This week’s assignment really allowed us to dig into our creativity. Vaporwave is something I’ve seen around the internet but never even knew there was a name for it. Surprisingly, (FUN FACT!!) this has been around since the early 2010s. It is truly something that needs more recognition. I was really excited to work on this project. I was unable to finish it in class so I had to complete it at home. I do not have photoshop but I was able to use a really helpful website called You all should check it out. It is a great FREE alternative from photoshop! It also lets you open your .PSD files from class. It makes it 100% easier to complete your work from the comfort of your own home! 

Anyways, my vaporwave is dedicated to CT101. I plan on making more vaporwave because it has fascinated me so much!