More Tilt Shift Paintings.


The first is the painting of the Siren of the French Board River. The legend dates back the 1845. A beautiful, dark-skinned, dark haired woman enters in and out of hikers dreams and consciousness until they are completely consumed by her. For days the men stare into puddles of water until they get to the river. Once close to the river she appears naked until a monster appears and drowns her captivates in the river. I distorted the photo to show the hiker floating face down in the river.



The second painting is Monet’s famous Sunrise painting. Monet is known as the most famous of the impressionist painters. The sunrise painting became the most famous of the varying angles that Monet painted of the Le Harve port in northwest France.


The last is Millet’s Gleaners, it depicts woman gleaning the field for stray wheat after the harvest. The toil the fields all day and stray wheat is all the were afforded to get. This an example of realism painting. I used the tilt shift and blur to focus on the fat cat plantation owners in the background reaping in the benefits.

Picture Distortion


I came up with the idea to do a tilt shift on one of my favorite paintings, The Dream by Henri Rousseau. The inspiration came as I was scrolling down my tumblr and saw the tilt photography the artist had done on such famous works as Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I used the app snapseed  on my phone which allowed me to play with the blur, contrast, tilt and saturation. The finished project has the main concept, ‘the girl on the couch’ now pointing to the often hidden flute player. I hope the difference in what I did can be spotted from the original.

Stay Away from the Creepy Tree.

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After today’s discussion in class about some of our favorite social media sites mining data. Its amazing to think that once we are plugged in there is no way to kill the beast. Rockwell’s video describes it best someone is always watching. Just never thought about how Facebook made its billions. Even to the fact that we have no freedom to post what we want as up coming professional because potential employers could view EVERYTHING!


Is it beach season Yet!!!

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As I woke up this morning excited to come to class, I heard that snow was falling but never thought it would look like it did outside. The weathermen always lie, its like they are all stuck on opposite day. Blizzard warning they say and its less than an inch, more snow and we get slammed with snow. I just want to go back to the days of warm weather and BEACH SEASON!!!!!! This is the island of Anguilla check it out beautiful island.