Assignment #2 Week 3 – Giphy

When I walked into ct101 I was surprised with the room and all the apple computers in the room.

And then Ryan Seslow the professor of CT101 started to talk.

Ryan had us all introduce ourselves to the class.

Ryan went over the syllabus and went over what was to be expected from the class.

I learned Ryan was deaf throughout his talking.

Before you know it Ryan has talked the whole class period and then it was time to leave the as the class ended at 12pm.

Assignment#1 – What makes me happy

Hello everyone my name is Sai Ho Yip and I am a huge fan of all things technology related. What is making me happy these days is going on reddit and looking at posts other uses have shared. Below is an example of a reddit post where someone has shared with the world what they probably thought was interesting.

This Chair for People Who Love To Sit Cross-Legged from specializedtools

I found this comic strip on reddit that someone has shared to be quite entertaining.

My secret tool. from comics

Reddit is free to use and it is a site where people go on to share with the world what they feel would be worth sharing and lets others post or react to each others posts which i sometimes find quite interesting.