Is this Art Tho

Far too often people in a field try to make that field exclusive.  Art is one of those fields even though by it’s very definition there should be no limits on art.  Everything can be studied for the art of it. I like to think of MMA as art, most people won’t see that they’ll… Continue reading Is this Art Tho


  This project was a very fun ass it gave us the opportunity to be really creative and think up new ideas.  The left side of this is inspired by the famous Beatles Image that had them all walking in a straight line.  The right side, in my opinion, is a bit haunting and mystical. … Continue reading Panorama

My first day in Gifs

I woke up on the first day of school early for once.  That will probably be the last time that happens.  It’s was so early I had time to go get a haircut and get some food.  After that I was off. Metrocard was , busses were running and I was early.  Everything was good.… Continue reading My first day in Gifs

CT101 Digital Storytelling