Farewell CT 101

I must say I took advantage of this class. I came in with the wrong attitude and did not give it the time needed. I looked at the assignments like they would be a 123 thing and pushed everything aside, paying more attention to my other classes because they required essays and projects with much stricter teachers. It wasn’t until I was creating my website that I noticed how much time and patience the assignments took.(I underestimated the time it would take to do that too.)Once I started it was I surprised about all the hours went by and I was still playing with themes, still trying to figure out what exactly the blog would be about, trying to get everything to fit properly and look how I wanted it to. Even though it was so time-consuming, and I was working on it in the midst of getting ready for finals, it helped keep my calm. Yes, it did get frustrating at times like when I thought I found the perfect theme, decorated it and everything, just to find out it didn’t have a certain widget. But it was fun. The end result made me feel like “Wow, I did this.” By not giving it the right amount of attention from the beginning, I cheated myself. I loved that the course allowed me to work on my own timing and that Ryan responded to emails within a matter of minutes. I enjoyed it and have already recommended it to friends.


Sometimes we forget how good we have things. Everyone has their fair share of problems, granted. Who am I to say that your problem is any less serious than the next person’s? It isn’t my place to say so I can’t because you and someone else can have similar problems, but chances are, you will interpret and respond to them differently. I said all of that to say, sometimes you just need to sit back and think to yourself, “No, my situation is not ideal right now, but yes, it could be worst.” At that point, it is vital to remember that it WILL get better.