This is the End


When i first started this class i was not sure what to expect. whats so interesting is that some of the things we learned like creating Gifs is some things i always seen on social media and wondered how it was done.

i like the fact that we were given the opportunity to create our own website and do what ever we want with it. As for my website i think that i made a big difference in the appearance from when i first started till now. My plans for the future with is to start over and build it from the ground up because i do have much hope in my site. i am still contemplating on wether or not I want to change my domain name. when my site is done over i plan on connecting my Instagram to the site  and my tumbler if i ever become more active on it.

i really enjoyed this class and hope to take many more like it. one of my favorite assignments was when we created the foley project. I enjoyed working as a group and even though it was the first time we we made a foley we did great as a whole.

heres one i saw from one of my favorite movies the incredibles


Heres a clip of my favorite christmas movieThe Best Man Holiday.

Happy Holidays class and if you have not already watched this movie you should.