Jon Snow Know’s Nothing

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of supercut I could possibly make for this class, and decided that I would make a supercut of my one of my favorite T.V series Game of Thrones; In particular, I made a compilation of some of the times Ingrid and Melisandra said the famous quote “You… Continue reading Jon Snow Know’s Nothing

Long Weekends

This week is going to be so short because of the holiday and also cause I don’t have class on Tuesday’s. So in honor of a long weekend, here’s a gif of one of my personal favorite NBA players.    

Dog’s Fail At Being…Dog’s

For our second assignment for the semester, our class learned the basic’s of creating GIF’s using various clips from YouTube and creating GIF’s through a site called Imgur. For this particular assignment, I decided to use a video that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago on YouTube which basically showed compilations of dog’s… Continue reading Dog’s Fail At Being…Dog’s

CT101 Digital Storytelling