Jon Snow Know’s Nothing

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of supercut I could possibly make for this class, and decided that I would make a supercut of my one of my favorite T.V series Game of Thrones; In particular, I made a compilation of some of the times Ingrid and Melisandra said the famous quote “You know nothing Jon Snow”.

For this creation of my supercut, I was able to download some of the short video clip’s from YouTube and compile them into one short video clip using iMovie. I had to cut out some unnecessary parts as well to make it as short as it is in the clip below. Enjoy!

wasn’t the last video clip such a great ending to this compilation? Because of the animation that the video creator included as well as the insert of Lil Jon’s “Shots” it creates a bit of humor in how much Jon Snow knew nothing…




This past week, there was a huge controversy going on in Texas (now a worldwide story) about a Muslim kid named Ahmed Mohamed, who generally created his own clock, but got arrested for it. This particular story stood out to not only me, but many of my Facebook friends as well. The most disturbing part about this case was not the fact that he got arrested because his teacher thought this was a “hoax bomb”, but it was the fact that kid’s now a days can’t share their creative intelligence with the world without being judged by it. With the fact that this kid was also Muslim becomes another whole topic about #racism and just #ignorance that some people acquire.

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On the brighter side…all the charges against Ahmed have been dropped; now he is using this terrifying experience as an opportunity to reach out to other kid’s around the world that are quite possibly going through the same thing as he went through.

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Speaking of opportunities, a couple of important people kindly reached out to Ahmed via social media, telling him to come visit various places:

All in all, racism is NOT acceptable, no matter who you are or what you’re skin color is…that shouldn’t define your actions or define what you live by. The choices of one person in your race doesn’t define the whole race in general. People really need to open up their minds and see outside the box.



Dog’s Fail At Being…Dog’s

For our second assignment for the semester, our class learned the basic’s of creating GIF’s using various clips from YouTube and creating GIF’s through a site called Imgur. For this particular assignment, I decided to use a video that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago on YouTube which basically showed compilations of dog’s failing at being dog’s.

Although all of the fails in the video were quite hilarious, there was one particular dog that made me burst out laughing when I first watched the video. Maybe because Golden Retrievers are one of my favorite breeds, this dog’s confusion and shock was just too cute and funny.

Here’s my GIF:


And just for fun…here’s another one that’s too cute for anyone to handle: