vapor wave 1

In today’s class, we created a vaporwave again and it was amazing but extremely frustrating that I keep forgetting the steps of how to do this stuff. Anyway here’s what you do, first,  we find an image that we want to incorporate into our vaporwave. Next, we open photoshop you hit the select all, followed by windows and select layers, from there we went on to layers and hit flatten the image. Everything was just a blur, and that’s because I wasn’t paying much attention or I keep forgetting the steps. No fear, ill eventually get it, I hope or else I won’t be able to appease my own sanity.



Favorite GIF musicians


So for this assignment i had to create GIF out of a music video from artist that’s my favorite, and i choose Cardi B. Anyways, how you go about making this is quite easy, all you have do is go on YouTube and select your favorite artist and go on Once your on the site you go to the top right hand corner and hit create, from there the site will guide you on how to upload your GIF .The page will ask the start time duration, next it’ll ask if you want to add a tag and so forth.  And, of course i made two i couldn’t help it.

One of the worst feelings when your trying to get some one to dance with you and their dancing with someone else, like am over here.



Celebrities Gone While GIF Edition

The moment you realize that all the hatters are paying attention so you make the announcement count



he finally gave me shout out, he love me, he love me…

hey am over bad bunny am over here can you see me!!!

hey am not done yet, so!! you have to go, better believe me when i tell them i said i like it like that…

gotta get these moves right or that’s my career…

times are changing so i better adjust my face or am out…

Gif Portrait Continued

Last week class we left off on creating GIF Portraits, today we did the same, but with more sophistication and depth so to speak. What I love about the whole process is that it allows me to tap into my so call creativity, and push my limits. I find the process very illuminating and fun all at once, and like I said in the beginning it gives me sole creative control, which ultimately leads me one step closer to achieving nothing but pure FREEDOM. On top of it I choose Cardi B because she has such an eccentric aura about her that I like and she owns it without regrets. Now that is what I call BOSS #B!TCH . Fearless and bold, not like today’s ZOMBIES who seek approval and follow the heard like sheep’s.

I’m sexy and you know it anime GIF

Most people look at me and say am ugly, but I know better and they can’t deny it. Just look at me am glowing, my hair is on point, no teeth and i don’t care ooh ooh… hit me up on snap, the gram, twitter, youtube, am every where even covergirls cant deny my highlights are popping yeah!!! What’s even more obvious is  that, this is my natural face without cover up ha ha ha..


To all the haters out their, just soak it up and worry about yours byeeee am out…