?? Kanye for 2020 ??

 Ok, regardless of who wins the 2016 Presidential race, I feel like no matter what will happen, there is more anticipation for Yeezus himself running for United States President.

He doesn’t need any secret service. Kanye West has defended himself countless times against the vicious paparazzi who can be compared to that of the Communist spies in the 1950s Red Scare Era.

The Fans Are Listening, America is Listening.

Next Level Squats, on one of those scooter/hoverboard thingys

Bradley Martyn is known for doing superhuman things, whether its jumping out of a pool or single arm deadlifting 500lbs. Yet, his most recent video shows that he isn’t afraid of any thing. I thought it was a really cool video, its trending almost everywhere, its even appeared on on countless fitness sites and even was shown and discussed on ESPN this week.

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Thats 315lbs btw.

To view the full video, here it is below!

Donald “The DON” Trump aka Lord Trump aka Sir Trump

With Donald Trump running withing the Presidential race, his policies may see seem extreme and over the top. He may have a lot of people who disagree with him, put in reality he has nothing to lose.

Campaigns are expense to run and all is put on the line, but Trumps pockets are deep. This isn’t anything for him, he thought he’d join for the spotlight but hes getting support.