tumblr_nbnnfiggT21rkl2kto1_500As I’m trying to fix my website, I realized that this  is unbelievably hard. I’m trying to add on a meta slider to my front page and I found youtube videos to be the best help. I’ve spent most of my time customizing my page and have reall updated the content. As soon as I’m happy with the look of my it, I will make a post on majority of my social medias !

Deciding a Domain Name

Deciding on a domain name wasn’t has hard as I thought it would be. I have a Youtube account which I’m really trying to make grow, I just started it like a few weeks ago. I have my first video up but its on private. I’m trying to get a feel of Youtube before I start posting frequently. My domain name for my website is actually my Youtube name; I felt extremely lucky that the name was available.