My Visual Design using a Split Image


I decided to do a visual design project showing a split screen because I had an idea of how to go about doing it. I found the idea on the DS106 Website; it was called a change in emotion  (in two panels). It appealed to me, since I am always sad, and rarely in a good mood. So when I am in good spirits it is greatly appreciated. It seemed doable to attempt and was so I created an emotional comic of myself. I then scanned and uploaded it to the website. It is basically a split screen showing my emotions on two separate days.

Those who live to Serve

I am passionate about those who serve and the extremes that they go to do their job that most times involves protecting or saving lives. Doctors for example, sometimes do the almost impossible in order to save lives. Whether it is a pregnant mother giving birth to a sick or dying baby or freak accident victims, or just a person who may have attempted to hurt themselves. In my opinion, doctors are amazing, they do the unexpected to heal us and keep us healthy. Without doctors, life might be hopeless with people dying every from various chronic illnesses and accidents.

This particular physician here has gone so far to create a device to save a child’s life that has breathing problems. It is so amazing to see how much doctors care for their patients.



I am also passionate about police officers and what they go through to keep us safe, while risking their lives. For example, this video displays how far servicemen go to save lives.