Final Post CT101( I had a great time)

CT101 is one of the most interest I have taken in all of my classes. I enjoy a lot. I enjoy the GIF-making part a lot. I said it is the second best project I have done in the class. The best project is to create our own website. I found it very interesting when customizing my own website. I have to think about everything before I publish the post. In addition, I like how I can put different contents under different categories. I learned a lot about Photoshop over the course of the semester. I love to modify the picture and put them together is far beyond fun. It is entertaining. Well, at least for me. I would say the most shocking feature of Photoshop is GIF creation. I thought Photoshop is just about modifying photos. Making GIF using Photoshop is a completely new experience for me, but I like it. I think I deserve an A in this class. I have done all the assignment in the class on time. However, I missed two classes due to the extreme condition of cold. I still post blogs on time though. I think I missed one weekly sign in, but I post a blog on that week. I will maintain my website over the next year because it is my first personal website. I enjoy sharing something that really interesting and inspiring in my website.


You can check out my website here.


Lastly, I want to say. Good job, everyone.


this is the real last, I just want to special mention vaporwave project.  The vapor wave picture making reminds me of how I crafted my first picture in the Photoshop.

Great Job! Everyone!

Well, I’ve checked many of my classmates works. I found it very interesting, some of them were doing their daily experiences, and some of them were talking about foods, and some were posting poems. I found it amazing some of the classmates were doing great jobs on the website design. I like it a lot. Especially when the design is follow up by very clean posts. I really enjoy reading it.

I really like this website a lot

I am fascinated with literature and poems. I like the website a lot. In addition, I am happy that people put it together day by day. I also like how the image is related to the poem. I am impressed. Feel free to check out the website.

Steve Jobs..

Here is GIF I made with Steve Jobs portrait. The process of making the GIF was fun. However, I also want to learn how to make a short video in the Photoshop. Anyway, I made the GIF with Steve Jobs because I like one of his quotes. The quote stated that “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking.” I think he is right. people should live what they want to be, and become whatever they want to become. More importantly, our time is limited, 100 years is like 36500 days. That is short. So, do the things you want, and try your best for everything.

umm, yeah, that is all what I wants to say.