Digital storytelling 101 — The Final Blog💔

Greetings Everyone,

I hope you are feeling happy and healthy. My name is Sifat Syed, and unlike most of my classmates — I transferred from QCC with A.A.S. in Behavioral Science and Information Technology. I’m currently pursuing dual-degree @York in Behavioral Science (BA) and Communications Technology (BS). Therefore, my arrival time to ‘CT101’ was arguably; Backwards!

However, undeniably I had the honor of comprehending TWO EXTREMELY CRUCIAL piece of Magic from ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow! (sincerely hope you recall the passionate title I’ve bestowed upon you, Sir Ryan.)

What are those two things?

One is rather quantitative, in that there are several forms of “Digital storytelling”. So let’s explore what this 1st significant factor is really based on:

Digital storytelling — a relatively new term that defines the execution of everyday people who utilize ‘Digital’ tools to express their ‘Story’. In plain English; digital stories are multimedia presentations which derive from fusion of an idea by an Artist + various types of artistic elements powered by Computer Softwares in order to create contents. Digital storytelling is the process by which diverse creators of Audiography, Cinematography, Photography, and Visual artists share their life stories and creative imaginings with viewers across the 🌎world. Today digital storytellers are widely regarded for being the expressive medium within the Internet for setting benchmarks across the entertainment industry to become the new standard for; ‘entertaining’.

Who are these Artists?

We ARE of course!

Its people like us, who utilize softwares like; Adobe’s Dreamweaver, Lightroom, Photoshop, or Microsoft’s Visual Studio and many more unmentioned programs to develop contents which power the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Henceforth, its difficult to imagine a future WITHOUT Digital storytelling — it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be Entertained in the world wide web;

The 2nd and most significant lesson taught by ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; is the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).

The new “Jack of all trades; master of all trades” when it comes to ‘Digital-stickers’ because they are also Animated UNLIKE the stickers from my childhood. Gif is a bitmap image format developed by a team @CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987. 🤯 Damnn, that’s BEFORE I was 👶born… 🍼

Anyway, description aside, GIFs are highly qualitative due to its sheer amount of diversity in terms of how many of these there are throughout the Internet today. They are simply put, fun to create; and funny to observe. I have NEVER-EVER in the history of ever, created a Gif UNTIL ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; taught me how-to-make Gifs using GIPHY.

The proof is in the Pudding as they say, and that proof is the FACT that NOBODY in my class had a GIPHY account to begin with. Because of ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; we CREATED one and begun our beautiful journey of creating Gifs, which will NEVER END!

Therefore, to our beloved ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; we are thankful to have such a remarkable professor like you. In the midst of COVID-19 we lost direct contact with you, yet still, you kept us going and in the end; waited for those of us who fell behind. And no matter how many times we kept emailing — you replied with, “Aw, you are not ever bothering me, this is what we are here for, to learn together!”, and finally, “I am sending you and your family good Energy!”

And so, thank you for blessing us with “Good-Energy” during the WORST TIME of my life, ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; for you also taught us the BEST THING I have ever learned in terms of ‘Digital storytelling’.


Because Gifs created by Syed via GIPHY will be UTILIZED by him from now on to:

1. Alluring (attracting) — potential clients by INVITING them with Gifs (instead of 🎁Gifts), in order to get HIRED because it WILL WORK! (you know it professor.)

2. Alluring ⚜ Vista — my photography site will be attached to those GIPHY invitations to ATTRACT potential clients via Cat-face Gifs, because it WILL WORK! (you know it professor.)

3. Third time’s the Charm — I’m NOT just planning on shooting weddings for life ya know, ‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; for I also plan on PROPOSING👰💍💘 to my Girlfriend (I’m fucking seriously-serious) USING the POWER-of-GIPHY, saying for the last time; because it WILL WORK! (you know it professor.)

Amen ✝, may GIPHY’s blessing be with all of us…

Now, my grade for your class?

‘Maestro de GIPHY’ — Ryan Seslow; give me <{([A])}> Super-pretty-kitty-please!

Thank you for reading & please stay safe, I’m giving everyone Good Energy!

Best Regards,
Syed Sifat


💪🙏Avengers: ENDVIRUS


I’ll discuss my thoughts regarding Ms.Corona today. In my CT101 class, my friend was confused as to why it has ’19’; “when we are @2020”. In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease. Initially, this virus was addressed as “2019 novel coronavirus” or “2019-nCoV”. It was renamed to a simple, yet, descriptive title of “COVID19”.

At first I joked about this being the, “made in China” virus. But things became serious quickly, way too serious. So far with 1,384,930 total cases & 83,947 Deaths (at the time of writing), this is the 1st time I’ve been scared of a disease this much. HIV was the ONLY other one, which I didn’t care for much since I did NOT have GF or SEX at the time… I was not allowed to by my Mother.

Do you guys believe in Prophecy?
Here’s what Bill Gates was AFRAID of this whole time and BEEN WARNING us about it:

Mr. Bill also did a wonderful TEDx presentation explaining the things we needed to prepare for:

Of course, our’s and basically every other country IGNORED his advises…

Why is COVID-19 more scary than Pennywise from IT?

As Ms. Corona continues to spread her affection💋 throughout the world by killing/keeping people and businesses locked-up across planet earth🌍, this virus is undeniably the Thanos of Diseases. There’s just no telling when it’ll end, especially considering the man who predicted this outbreak some 4 years ago says its going to take another 18 or so months before we finally receive the:

Vaccine — which will…

This video gives some great details regarding Ms. Bill’s Vaccine predictions:

Such disease was never been seen in humans before (only animals), hence, no one is immune to it. To add more fuel to the already hot🔥fire, it’s spreading easily from person to person faster than the FLASH⚡, infecting our upper respiratory system — making it dangerously hard to breathe.

Regardless, I’m tired of researching & writing about it, GIFs are about the ONLY fun thing about my post. Please kindly stay home & save others, lets not allow our elderly humans to die in vain. We as young adults can defeat this crap UNLIKE the Grandpas & Grandmas, so lets #StayHome4Them.

Thank you for reading & have a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy Summer AFTER this is over! 🥰💝🙌

Best Regards,


#6 – Copyright infringement

In his TEDx presentation Kirby Ferguson says, “Everything is a Remix and I think this is a better way to conceive of creativity”.

According to Kirby, the basic elements of all remixes is “Copy > Transform > Combine”.

What is Copyright infringement:

Also referred to as “piracy” — is the use of content protected by copyright law without permission for use where authorization is required. This law mandates that copyright infringement for any type of content that’s “protected” can NOT be used WITHOUT the creator’s authorization. In some cases, even if its used for non-profit reasoning.

Why I choose Kirby’s Presentation from TEDx:

In “Everything is a Remix” Kirby elaborated that creativity and its creation comes from what others have already done and then trying to copy them in order to “transform” their creation in to something that’s “different”. When this cycle of “Copy > Transform > Combine” is repeatedly performed, the individual becomes just as “creative” as the OG — initial or original Guru.

My comprehension and outlook:

Mr. Kirby’s presentation did a wonderful job of reinforcing the fact that we humans are indeed — Copy Cats who take what’s OG and modify it to our own version. Which in turn mean, the OG variant is ONLY created ones; before getting modified over n’ over again UNTIL it gets old. Of course, then comes another OG — only for the cycle of “Copy > Transform > Combine” to repeat all over again. Hence, the reality is that what we may be intrigued by today — just might be a revised version of something which came yesterday.

However, the problem with this “Protection Law” is that; often we copy someone who may have copied from someone else whose work is “Protected” by this Avengers of a Law. In that case you just simply can NOT blame them Cats for copying. While it might be the 2nd or 3rd Copy Cat who bites the bigger mouse, yet still, just because they’re good at catching mice doesn’t mean they can eat it — not until they beat their competition (the other hungry cats) in a Cat-fight. And that’s where this Law will bite those cats who know how-to-be “creative”, but not know how-to-fight or ‘Puurrr’ afterwards. 😹

#5 The Panorama Shots


Greetings All,

I hope everyone alongside their loved ones are feeling well. This was a very stressful semester for me due to all 5 of my classes begin writing intensive (WI), the transition to online actually made it more difficult as even the most simple quizzes became “essays”. Not to mention, the 8 to 12 pages worth of research papers per class. Anyway, minor gripes aside, I managed to finish all the required assignments and now crossing fingers 🤞 for the final exams to go well.

Which means, time to start posting here. While I wasn’t lost and continued to work in the background, alongside checking everyone’s blogs. I just didn’t post much due to other projects having deadlines.

So please accept my apologies for the delay and let’s begin!

For our Panoramic Shots, me and my wonderful club mates decided to do things very differently. Instead of just doing the usual storytelling, we also created a panorama of “relationship cycle” — where we tell story of a young couple:

1. Meeting each other for the first time, in the left scene.

2. Getting along and starting a relationship in the middle scene.

3. And finally, unfortunately, breaking-up in the last scene in the left section.

As my club mate Priyanka describes it, “I had done a ‘Relationship’ scenario in which my partner and I pretended to display stages of a new relationship.”

Indeed, it was wonderful to work on it and we really enjoyed it. Especially when considering the 2nd version of our panoramic shots was about me and my club mates hanging out together in a large group (like we did back in our HS days), and then cat fighting with one another like little girls. It was simply put; FUN!

Not something we can expect to learn from College professors. I felt good reliving the good ol’ days… 😭💝👌

Memes ARE a form of ART!

Are Memes ART?
The answer can vary among different individuals, depending on their Age, level of familiarity with Technology & where they are born, since in some countries/cultures memes are still NOT a thing to make fuss about.
A specific element from one meme can be used to comment on many situations. “Exploitable” memes such as Disaster Girl can be integrated on to any image of a disaster.
Memes are created by an individual or an institution deliberately (many marketing companies now strive to create viral content), such as Professor Ryan or Giphy. Creativity on a theme is the name of the game with memes, as seen by the huge number of memes created every day at user-generated content sites such as Reddit, and categorised at sites such as Giphy.
With sites like Giphy providing both the necessary pictures & editing tools to rapidly produce new memes have dramatically increased its popularity.
And so to answer the question, imho, Memes ARE a form of Art, one which many will still believe it’s not. But to me it doesn’t matter what the old school fella thinks, it’s taking off like a Rocket & here to stay. It will only grow & be adopted even more as time goes on. Which makes me happy for it, since I’m also interested in Memes now more than ever, thanks to Professor Ryan. 🤩