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I am a huge fan or horror. When I began this project, I immediately knew that I would conduct my project on a horror portrait. I found these images easily on google images, and with the assist of photo shop, I created this piece. I began combining the pictures together. I added some features from one portrait to another. I thought this might make the pictures look a bit more scarier and it did. In one of the images I added creepy eyes from another. I think the portrait looks hilarious and a bit gross. In one slide I actually combined two images together. Online I found a creepy picture of a child and I decided to combine it with a portrait of a woman. I photoshopped the creepy doll at the bottom of the pic of the woman. I think it was a great combination. This assignment was very fun to do. I had lots of fun altering these portraits.

Animated Gif

This is my first animated gif, and it was not easy at all. It took me almost 3 hours to make. I was stuck in the beginning and could not think of what to animate. After searching beginner animation skits I found this image of a girl and slides that I decided to animate. I used photoshop to make this animation happen and it was confusing but I took my time and had some help and I was able to make this picture come to life! Originally it was just an animation of a girl running with a plain background. I thought it was a little too dull, so I decided to add a few things to liven it up. I love food so I decided to add images of fast food in front of the girl running. I thought the concept of a girl running after food seemed funny so why not? then I changed the background to add some life into it and everything soon came together. It’s not the best animated gif, but I think it’s a good start.


I found this image on Ds106 assignment bank, and I quickly became fascinated by it. Within this image a green apple was conformed into something else, The image still resembles an apple however the contents of the apple was substituted with words and numbers, and this looks so cool. Its known as the typographic affect and I would love to learn how to use this technique. Its very creative and it could be beneficial in various ways. It’s possible that I could teach myself this technique. It would be very beneficial in work places, say you had to advertise something, this photo effect can be used to capture the eyes of individuals. This is a great way to manipulate an image.

In addition another technique I would like to learn is how to manipulate images and photo shop 2 different images together. If you look at the picture above the 2 individuals above are the same person. This individual was able to manipulate the contents of the image and allow himself to photoshop another picture of himself into a older picture.

Reaction to Ct 101 class!


Amy Poehler'S Smart Girls GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


When I first enrolled in this class I was not sure what this class would be like. I was a little skeptical of enrolling but it looked interesting so I went forward. Still confused on what exactly we would be doing in class.

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During the first class lecture, I gained interest immediately. The first day we learned how to make gifs out of videos and it was very fun and interesting. I use gifs all the time on social media and through text, I never thought that I would ever actually be able to make them myself!


Now I enjoy coming to this class and love learning techniques! I look forward to coming to class every week knowing that i’ll learn something new.

What makes me happy!

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This week on almost all my social medias Adeles grammy moment has been shared continuously. This week this video has caught my attention and made me happy. In this video Adele after accepting her award, comments on Beyonce and the astonishing and inspiring work she does. This moment will always be reflected back to and will always illustrate how selfless Adele is.