The Final Blog Post

CT101 was an extremely refreshing and challening class. It became even more challenging once the pandemic started and students were forced to learn all these skills at home. Never in a millions years would I ever thought I’d be building my own website…from scratch!   I missed the classroom vibe! It seemed like information clicked… Continue reading The Final Blog Post

COV-19 Pandemic

I’ve never been more nervous about anything in my life. Standing by and watching every annoucement made by Gov Cuomo , Mayor DeBlasio and President Trump has hightened my anxiety and brought back my insomnia. As a recent breast cancer survivor (yay!!!)  It’s nerve racking to hear that this virus can critcally harm individuals like… Continue reading COV-19 Pandemic

Assignment 2- Thoughts on CT101

I’ve never taken a Computer Technology course before and I must say….. I’m scared to death.   The moment I walked into the room .. and browsed through the CT101 website..I knew this class would be challenging. I thought to myself…” Would you be able to handle this class Sheila?” Once Professor Seslow explained the… Continue reading Assignment 2- Thoughts on CT101

Assignment 1- My Happy Space

Hello! My name is Sheila Woods ( June Gemini). I’m a Journalism student at York College and a full time mommy of two beautiful boys. What makes me happy on the internet? Buzzfeed videos!!! I’ve enjoyed watching Buzzfeed video series called ” Which Spanish Accent Is Sexiest?” Its hilarious!!   Buzzfeed videos brighten up my… Continue reading Assignment 1- My Happy Space

CT101 Digital Storytelling