I finally created my domain!!

Last weak in class, I finally created my first domain. I haven’t really posted anything yet because I am still figuring out what type of content I should add. I am interested in many things so It probably won’t be just one theme. There are so many things I want to show.

Today I got the chance to change my menu and update my home page post. I’m excited to see all of you there!!

Here is the link: http://sumeray.com/

The struggle of finding my domain name!!!

Before I make my domain, I need to figure out a domain name. At this moment I  still have no idea but through research I will get even though its been a week and I need the name by tomorrow morning for class.

Other than finding a name for my new platform, I think I know what I’m going to include. Beginning college, I have developed really bad habits and it needs to change. I am thinking about using my new platform to change these habits. I’m actually excited for this. But I wont be able to do this unless I find my domain name.