Portrait transitioning from photoshop

This is what Tuesday Ct101 class has learnt today, transitioning portrait. Was a bit confusing as it has a lot of steps and also I’m a bit new to photoshop so I didn’t know the shortcut keys.

I picked Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon because he began selling books online but expanded into selling almost everything on their site. It was a small company and now they are dominating every store and expanding. They have bought out stores such as Whole Foods, expanded into live stream “Twitch”, bought Zappos a shoe store, and many more. This inspires me because of how much Amazon had grew.

Looking forward to learn new things!

I know that the Tuesday class are a bit behind, but I’m looking forward to learning new skills or enhance on some things that I do know. I love learning new things on computer, especially making something better in quality. I’m on computer a lot everyday and I like to learn anything that interest me. 5 years ago I knew the simple pc stuff, a lot has changed. Remember “knowledge is power!”.


My DS106 assignments

One of the assignments I chose was the video assignment called “Highlight Video Game” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/highlights-videogame/ . I am pretty familiar with putting clips together from gameplay using Vegas Studios software. I would like to learn photo-shopping for better thumbnails and add special effects. This assignment can teach you how to build many clips together to show highlights of a topic, such as news stations putting together highlights. There are lots of tools to put together highlights such as an editing software, image editing software, recording software, overlays, and many more. I will probably do a few of these and try something new that I want to learn! I believe these skills are important if you want a better quality video that people want to watch.

The second assignments I chose and would like to learn more of is “Create Your Own Business Card” http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/create-your-own-business-card/. I just got my broker’s license for New York Accident/Health insurance and would like to make a business card with with a design and some writings. I am also kind of new to using Photoshop,  so I believe this can also help me start learning Photoshopping. Little steps as people say, learning the generals first then getting into the complex ones later. I would do a lot of these projects, not specifically the business cards but something related to Photoshopping, which covers a lot of other assignments such as the video assignments, web assignments, design assignments, and many more. Of course these skills are important and can help you create many other things such as your own logo, an advertisement, and so many more other creatives.


Are memes art?  Yes, but within its category. I categorize meme has an art because it fits into the art definition. “Art: the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects”Memes are forms of expressions and creativity that people post expressing their feelings on a topic.Memes are both bad and good because it does let people express themselves but when you see the same overused meme it gets tiring.

This is one of the memes that made me laugh when it first came out, called Uganda Knuckles. This meme became popular in a game called VRchat, people started to use this skin in the game, spamming and following them if they “know da wae”. Here is the origin of Uganda Knuckles.