Assignment # 6 Pano

For the panoramic pictures we took pictures all over the school the first picture was pretty cool because the picture describes the first day of college for me when i went in to york college. its as if i went to class met everyone i didn’t know and i wanted to beat them up for being here and letting go of my high school friends. but as i got to know them over the semester i grew fond of them and made them my friends too.

The second panoramic picture we did was the life of a college kid. This pictures shows that the students work had studying for these hard classes, midterms, and finals. but we also party inside and outside of school. trying to live the best life of both worlds.

The third and final picture we took was outside the school were we are all jut chilling enjoying the weather while we wait for our class. but sometimes we lose track of time and end up being late to class so we gotta run. or sometimes the MTA gets stuck in “Train Traffic” lol.

Assignment # 8 Coronavirus

The coronavirus has been very frustrating because it has been interfering with my business, school, and social life. This virus has caused problems for alot of people. i have been away from my family and friends from social distancing. i just hope i havent infected anyone or even worse been infected. its been a couple if days now i’m in my house and i’m bored and losing it.

Dance Dancing GIF by adambanaszek

its so weird people are stocking up on toilet papers, and purell, and masks.

also i think this is gonna effect the economy drastically especially with the stock market crashing and small and large business going out of business and even on freeze.

i think going forward with the class online isn’t as bad as other classes because we use technology compared to my other class like art. i think we can get thru this class fully online with any problems. A lot it ill be difficult because we wont have the face to face.

assignment #7 Copyright

i think the copy right law is a very complex law because it is defined as you can not use other peoples materials as of your own. but at the same time you are allowed to use other peoples materials in specific manners. this to me is very confusing people are violating the copyright everyday in the internet. places like instagram, youtube, facebook, etc… they have pictures, videos, and writings from all over the place and they are not sued with copyright.

like here is an example from the website that is extremely confusing


i think personally that copyright law is a rip off for people to make money in court. people violate the rule everyday. there is no such thing as owning something that is given out to the public for free.

Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling

After searching through the ds106 repository one of the links that cought my eye was ds106 reacts. This assignment talks about creating a perfect reaction gif and make a story around it for the reaction of the story.

Another assignment i saw was on the daily create where you take 2 devices and try to make a collage into one with some editing power. This stood out to me because i can learn to use multiple devices at the same time to make cool stuff.


What i think i can learn from both of them is creative story telling and some technical skills on editing pictures with multiple devices.

i think if i do 3 to 4 of these i can get the skill i need and i will be a natural at it.

i think these skills are definetly important because it will help people be more creative in different careers and overall personal life when were hanging out with friends and bosses and telling stories.

Assignment #3 Art? or not?

I think its a good thing that memes are here to stay because it helps people express our feelings.

I think memes are great for communictaion it helps people express themselves in funny ways and not be offensive or hurtful.

i think memes are a way to express ones feelings beacuse it uses art and words to transfer ones feelings to another peer who is viewing the image.

here is a meme made by me about the CT101 class my feelings are mixed because i don’t know if its art or computer class lol.