Assignment #3 Art? or not?

I think its a good thing that memes are here to stay because it helps people express our feelings.

I think memes are great for communictaion it helps people express themselves in funny ways and not be offensive or hurtful.

i think memes are a way to express ones feelings beacuse it uses art and words to transfer ones feelings to another peer who is viewing the image.

here is a meme made by me about the CT101 class my feelings are mixed because i don’t know if its art or computer class lol.


assignment #2

when i first walked in this class i was wondering what is going on in this class?

i was super bored the first day didn’t know was happening. i wanted to sleep and move my car didn’t want to get a ticket or towed.

then i was like wait a minute this is a pretty cool class i can learn something new. Especially as a computer science major i can learn some pretty cool front end stuff. Since all i have been learning in school was back end.

i was mind was blown on the short cuts and cool neat tricks from the professor and his cool tricks and fond for Gipys. Then it got me wondering.

i definitely got some expectation from this class because its very technical and we are using a lot of user interfaces. i would definitely like to learn about cool graphical things you can do online.

so far i have learned something cool which is converting videos into gipys and i didn’t know i couldve dont that before.

i also would like to learn more about art and how it can be used to show different stories and sharing ideas in the internet.

overall this looks like a fun class and not like those other boring science classes.

this class has changed my preception and it looks very promising in the future and it looks like it can correlate with my field in computer science


i guess i have the spring 2020 to learn some cool tricks and short cuts on this interface.

assignment one #-1 happy internet me

The thing that makes me happy online is that i have access to different social media where different people are connected and also entertainment media like access to movies shows that i like. For example we have facebook, instagram, and other social media. And for the media we have netflix, and other third party sites. but not just media access itself but many other things that affect