My current obsession

I don’t really know why…but sometimes i have the desire to watch shows that have long ago ended. First it was Smallville, then The X- files, then Friends–and now it’s Twin Peaks. It’s going great so far–kinda bummed it only has three seasons.. cause so far I can’t get enough of it. It’s taken over my days and nights (I can’t help it ok?!?!) It’s primarily a mystery/thriller/ drama type of show but it does have it’s share of comedy and scandal..soooo…why wouldn’t I be hooked? Plus, I love agent Dale Cooper, he’s a suave, comical- genius. Might I add that it’s so funny how I had a whole summer to watch this show, but of course this urge of mine kicks in right as the semester starts >.<

Reaction GIF


Sooooo, I’m pretty excited about this class, just like Lin (as you can already tell by those arms). Being that i’m a English major, psych minor, my classes are limited to things in those fields- so it feels pretty good to venture out and try something new–especially in the digital world. It’s refreshing to try something new. Can’t wait to see what else this class has to offer. I’m also overjoyed at the fact that I now know how to make GIF’s…am I tumblr worthy now?? I think so.