Highlight Reel: Zach LaVine

A large part of my life revolves around sports. I want to study sports in the future from a sociological perspective, so any chance I get to throw sports into the conversation is an opportunity that I’ll capitalize on. One of the assignments on the DS106 Bank is “Highlight Reel” which requests people to GIF a Highlight Reel moment from any sport.

I went back and used the IMGUR Youtube-To-GIF tool to create a GIF of Zach LaVine’s first dunk from the 2015 NBA Dunk Contest. LaVine entered the arena with the accompaniment of the Quad City DJs, who were responsible for the theme song of “Space Jam”, a movie that was a big part of my (and apparently Zach’s) childhood. He displayed a “Toon Squad” jersey with Michael Jordan’s name and number on the back, and then proceeded to complete this dunk… I linked the GIF back to the full Youtube reel if anyone is interested to see the rest.

And So It Begins…

I got to looking at some potential projects that I could do throughout the semester for Digital Storytelling.

The first one that caught my attention made me laugh a little, because it happened to be by Michael Smith. It is something that I was really amazed by — the idea of making animation on a still photo. I cannot describe it that well, so I’d rather show you one of the examples that he posted on his blog. The GIF links back to his original post. I have absolutely no idea how to do that, but he links to a tool called Cinemagram that can supposedly help with the process. This is all unfamiliar to me, so I think this is a step further than making GIFs. I do not know if it is actually easier, but I want to learn how to create something like that.

The second project that really intrigued me was listed by a Jim Groom. It was called Write an Alternative Ending. The second assignment was supposed to work off something that we already feel like we have the skillset to do, and writing is something that I feel very comfortable with. The idea is that we should write an alternate ending better than the original ending for a book or series or anything that we really enjoyed. There are some alternate endings in popular media that have received much more love than the actual ending, so I thought it was fun to consider writing an alternate ending to something I really liked. They linked to an alternate ending to one of my favorite movies, pictured below. I won’t spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but it was a good example of a completely alternate ending.

First Step Into DS101

“I think the important thing that I took away from the first objective is that everyone can be a different storyteller even through the same medium. As one can vary their voice in person, you can vary the way you communicate through social media, even if we’re all using the same medium.”

I felt good about that quote, looking back at the Google Docs. I was told early on that the CT major was about becoming a complete and efficient storyteller by using technology, so finding out that CT 101 was titled Digital Storytelling made me happy. After sitting down for the first few classes, I felt pretty excited looking ahead.

Refer to this GIF for an accurate description: