First day of the class

When I first heard that college is offering CT classes I was so excited about taking the class even though it does require to my major. I am taking this class because I love anything related to technology and anything to do with technology. Moreover, I always love to learn new things that make me happy. I started loving technology from high school because I took a web design class when I was in high school. Before I took that class I don’t know anything about technology and also I am not interested in technology. After I took that class I learned How to use photoshop, Indesign, flash, dreamwave so, basically I learned how to make a website.

Now I am taking this class to learn more new things that I never learned before at all. So far I know how to make Gif which I had no idea how to make before this is something new thing I learned so far. But I am still excited to go farther to learn new skills and amazing things that I can use in my life in the future. By the way, whenever I took this class I never get bored and never give up on anything because this is something makes me happy and keeps me happy that why I always love to work on this assignment without any problem.

What makes me happy?

One thing that makes me happy from internet was to listening different kinds of music because when I am tried and stress out music can only give me the peaceful mind and relaxation. When I grew farther into music I really like music with original soundtracks because music accompanying and synchronized to the images of a motion picture and drama that gives more emotion feeling. One of my favorite original soundtrack is “ I will Go To Like The First Snow” by Ailee. It speaks about the desire of someone wanting to be with someone. But, it also says it won’t work out. Moreover I like the singer because she has beautiful and smooth voice that makes me comfortable every time I listen to her voice.