Making my own Domain

In today’s class, we learned how to created our own domain. In this website, I will be posting my lots of different themes or subjects since I like lots of things that make me happy and other people around me. So, I won’t be posting anything one theme or subject. Right now I just posted a small introduction about my website.

stay-tuned for the next post that I am gone make soon.

click under a link to visit on my website


Panoramic Storytelling ;about two different sides life

I being using iPhone brand new for so long time and also it mine first iPhone brand but, the saddest thing about myself is that I really don’t know how to used this amazing device to take a picture with the nice viewpoint.

In this assignment, we using the panoramic feature on our phone to create the two different side of the story. In this first picture on the left side, we are just strangers but, the second part is on the right side which shows that we became friends. While we doing this assignment I felt so strong that sometime we should really need to know how to use our phones in more advance just not watching videos or using different social media apps. Moreover, I love about this feature was that you can just take one picture with two different moves.

In this visual image, it shows how our life actually looks like in real life. In our daily life, everybody is doing their business for every day but, they always forget people who are near them is important in some point and never put the effort to communicate or interact with the person right next to you. When I have seen this kind of things I think we missing our big part of enjoyments and cheerful day.


Portrait of the place where I always wanted to go back

This is another exciting day being in CT class because I know I am gone learn totally something new which makes me the happy.

Today’s assignment is again we have to collect more than one picture to complete this work. This time it not only just collecting the pictures and post at the online. This time we gone used photoshop and play the pictures around. For this assignment, I chose my dream place that I always wanted to go back all the time. For me, this place is the most glamorous. This assignment was not that complicated to created or give me trouble to create it. But for me, the hardest thing to finish up the assignment is to pick the pictures. But at least I finished it with the way I wanted to, I am satisfied with my outcome work.

I did use photoshop for a long time ago but, for this class help me to refresh all my memories from the past. Moreover, I felt like still, I am learning new things by using new tools that I never used before even though I took a web design class.

Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling

In my opinion, till now I been learning so many new things in this few past classes about the media. Moreover, I am still excited to learn more new things throughout the semester because I love anything related to technology especially when I learn something that I never have seen how to create or make it. That keeps me energetic in the class.

In this assignment, First I went to the website called the DS 106 assignment bank. In this website, you will see there are lots of different assignments which are a visual assignment, design assignment, video assignment, and web assignment etc.From this website, I chose one assignment which is Web assignment because I love to create a website based on what I am interested in. Inside the web assignment, there are lots of impressive works done by the people with creative brain and intelligence. But, from all of the works on the website, only one of the website totally drag my attention to it.

After I am going into deep and deep into the websites I end of with website called “Create Your Own Room” which is a most amazing website that teach you how to create or design your own room way you wanted. I specifically chose this website because I like to keep my own room clean and also love to decorate it with my favorite colors. Moreover, I think is your own room is space where you most of time to give you the relaxation and peaceful so, in my opinion, our rooms are the first priority to keep you want to be. That way, I will love to create a website based on the room.

Are memes art?

Yes, I think memes are art because based on the definition it says that arts are created by human beings by using their own skill. Even though words and sentence have issues of grammar and spellings.

In my opinion, sometimes memes are arts if you created the picture without copy from the internet as long as you draw the pictures or took the pictures from outside then I think it is memes. Otherwise, I don’t think to copy the images from the internet and use it is as memes.

Yeah, I will happily like to share my feelings through memes because of it easy and short to express my feeling rather than write a paragraph or explain it. Moreover, I really love to take a picture and draw by myself to create my own memes. Since now I don’t have photoshop I could not do anything right now but, in future, I will definitely create my own memes to express my feeling towards anything that I am passionate to do in my life.