Final blog post

And it all comes to an end…

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It was one heck of a semester I tell ya, not only was the most fun class of the semester but was probably the most interesting class i have taken as an elective throughout my college life.

From the first assignment introduction till this last assignment the final blog post it has been a roller coaster. I enjoyed each assignment a lot but my favorite assignment was GIF assignment. I enjoy using GIFS on a daily basis a lot always use them when texting with my friends and when I got to experience making the Gifs and learned how the work was a great experience. secondly the memes assignment was also a great assignment in my opinion. The relevancy of this course was one reason I really enjoyed this class. Not being a big fan of technology made it a little challenging for me in the beginning but eventually got the hang of it, thinking that i took this class to open up to the online world. I have always wanted to make a blog post of my own and have tempted it a couple times but then failed because I wouldn’t understand the basics of creating or personalizing a blog post. Thankfully i learned that in this class as well.

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My website: Even though i haven’t added as much as i want to my website,I still am very excited to continue working on it learning new thing in it. I plan on keeping the website for my personal blogging which is going to include many things such as (desi) food recipes, makeup posts, healthy food recipes, photography, and many other art related things. I have always wanted a platform where i can express my self and my art, thanks to ct-101 I have that now.

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keeping all the circumstances in mind this class was still very interesting and i learned a lot in it. I wish we had more sessions in class, I could have learned a lot more then what I did online.

Anyways… I hope everyone stays safe and have a great summer.

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Flexibility in the kinds of Digital Storytelling projects you do

The link I used to do this assignment was The DS106 Assignment Repository  my first assignment that i believe that I am fairly good at Is Animated GIF Assignments. This was on of my favorite assignments throughout the semester at ct-101. it is one of the best forms to show your exact emotions about anything. I have learned a lot about and have experimented many ways like using a YouTube video to create a GIF. or using a personal video or picture.  some examples of that are:

Animated GIF

Animated GIF

Another assignment that i am interested in doing is Visual Assignments. I have always been interested in photography and have taken two photography classes at York. There for going deeper into that interest of mine would help me learn a lot more about this topic.

some example of my photography…


When i first walked into the class I felt as if I have walked into a class full of people speaking gibberish. Not knowing anything about technology and not wanting to know anything about it made it quite hard for me to adjust in the class….

How ever that confusion only lasted for 10 mins, and was very excited wanting to learn everything about things that i use in my daily life but don’t really know about the background of how they are made, And was looking very foreword to the whole semester.

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This was the most interesting assignment i had done during when we got to meet in class before corona 🙁  and i wanted to make GIFS of all my favorite reactions of my favorite characters i could think  of…

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When you have been trying so hard to keep a secret from each other but then at the end you realize you both knew about it all along.

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When i am suppose to be doing an assignment but instead someone walks in on me doing something stupid…



Are memes art?

In my opinion anything that that helps one express their creativity is a form of art. Memes on many platform are defined as a cure of depression. This to me is on of the best way to describe memes . Its not only an innovative way of expressing ones felling but it also shows how one picture could mean many different things to different people. just like art, its not always the same to everyone.

These are some of the memes I created for our class CT-101…

At least the fist 10 mints of every class are used as a form of engorgement by our professor, that makes us feel rejuvenated walking out of the class.

I can not tell you how many times i have been told to take this professor, or when i tell some i am taking CT-101 with ryanseslow their response always is OMG i loved that class.

Pano Story

group assignment…. whyy?

Even though i have always done pretty well in group work it is the most frustrating thing to me during class. I am always the one taking care of everything in a group activity and not when group mates choose to not do what they are required from it makes a fun group activity annoying.

when I got to be the director in the group…

Being the director gave me an opportunity to tell all my teammates what we were required of and them being the best teammates ever gave multiple ideas for pictures and each one did their part.

The panorama picture as expected took many trial and errors. Even though it wasn’t what i was expecting to be the final result, it still came out pretty good.

My direction: we are going to start of with the tallest person on the left and end with shortest person on the right. Then when switching the sides we will start with the shortest on the right and tallest on the left, for out picture to have this cool skewed effect towards the middle. How ever we were unable to show the effect because we had to have a big enough gap in between for the picture to come out as a decent looking picture rather than having these wonky looking effects.

Over all it was great group activity and stepping out of the classroom was a great way of leaving everything to the imagination.