For my domain name I’m thinking about keeping it samduoseptem because I really like it. Sam is my nickname ever since I was born and duo septem is Latin. Duo is 2 and septem is 7 which makes 27 the day I was born. Since Latin is a dead language I would like to use it for my domain name and it will have some history to it.

Photoshop Part 2

drakevaas For this Photoshop edit I added the character Vaas from Far Cry 3 into the Uncharted 4 picture. So it really fits because Uncharted 4 has a piracy theme and Vaas is an actual pirate. He’s one of my favorite video game antagonists and Nathan Drake is one of my favorite video game protagonists so I think it would be very interesting if they were in the same game. They could definitely mash the two characters somehow. Maybe Nathan Drake could get stranded on Vaas’s island on one of his treasure hunts. Anyway I had to change the coloring and sizing of Vaas so it could look more realistic.


For this Ds 106 assignment I had to make a Lyric Snippet for a small portion of a song. I chose the song R.O.D by G-Dragon featuring Lydia Paek. First I cut the audio of the song to the last chorus because it has english in this part. The rest of the song is in Korean which I can’t translate because I don’t know Korean! So I made this video by using Sony Vegas Pro 10 once again. I edited the lyrics more by separating them to come in at different times and I added the gaussian blur effect to them as well. I also added background pictures but I didn’t animate them because I wanted the lyrics to stand out more. I also added colorful overlays to the entire video for aesthetic appeal. In the end this is how it came out!

Photoshop In Class


In class I edited this picture using photoshop. I decided to use Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. I used these two characters because they never met on the show and I really want them to because they’re my two favorite characters.What I did was cut out Daenerys from her background by using the pen tool. And then I feathered it so it would look a little more natural and not so sharp. If I didn’t feather it then it would be really obvious that I just cut her out and placed her on to the picture. Then I placed her onto the Jon Snow picture but first I flipped her horizontally, so she was facing his direction. I also changed the size of her picture so she would look more proportional to him. I used command t and held down shift so the picture would maintain aspect ratio. In the end I liked how it turned out but I kinda wished I would have cut around the top of her head a little more precisely because I can still see a little bit of her original background. Other than that I’m satisfied with how it turned out seeing as it was my first time photoshopping 2 pictures together.

These are the two original pictures before I photoshopped them together.