• Honestly, when i was choosing my class in the beginning of May or June, CT101 was not even in my head. I didnt even know what CT is. I heard about this class from a random person who took Professor Seslows’ class previous semester.  Since all my classes got dropped, i needed one more class to fulfill my requirement and all the classes were full. I went to almost every professor pleading for them to take me in their class but their couldn’t do an overtally. Luckily at the time this kind girl told me about Professor. Seslow. I immediate went to his class, literally before his was about to finish. I told him my situation and he took me in. Honestly, that was the best words that i needed to hear, if i didnt i would of probably have minor break down.
  • You can tell my little anecdote that the starting of this class we really good. This class was honestly very therapeutic, exciting, fun, innovating and more especially because of Professor Seslow. I haven’t gotten a profesor like him in any class. I am so thankful to professor Seslow for every thing. I have learned.
  • First week, we talked about what makes us happy and we have to post it. I said that 5 minutes crafts makes me happy. https://wp.me/p7rH6k-6Ib
  • On the second week, we talked about gifs. One of my favorite thing we have learned. I find gifs very funny and i was very excited to learn about gifs. My first gif I did was on weekend moods with Oprah’s gifs. https://wp.me/p7rH6k-6DQ
  • Then, third week we learned about memes, my second favorite. Meme is one of the popular thing on the internet. Some of the memes are hilarious and relatable. My meme was about, when you open a pack of gum in school. But for some reason I it isn’t that funny or what i have expected.  https://wp.me/p7rH6k-6Ku
  • Fourth week, Panorama week.  We had to work in groups and let our inner creativity out. I grouped up with 4 of my classmate and we decided to make a human pyramid. The picture definitely didn’t tuned our what we expected. Not only we did human pyramid, we also made friendly/mean/bullying situation, i honestly don’t know what was the second one about. https://wp.me/p7rH6k-6QX
  • Fifth and Sixth week,  we did gif portrait project, where we took still image and turned into a gif.https://wp.me/p7rH6k-6VR.
  • Seventh week, We enhanced our gif portrait  and this time I chose Selena Gomez. https://wp.me/p7rH6k-72a
  • Then, we worked on Vaporwave https://wp.me/p7rH6k-7hl. Then we made our own website, which is cool.
  • Honestly, I really enjoyed this class, i came to class every day and i believe i did every work that i was suppose to do. A grade that I deserve for this class in at least an A or A-. I believe i did tried my best and i have completed every work. I definitely will continue my website and try my best to make it better. I will maintain my website by posting different things and related stuffs that people can make personal connection to. Overall, I am proud of my work, even though some might look different but its UNIQUE!! It’s my piece of art and i am very proud.  THANK YOU PROFESSOR SESLOW for helping me find the unique side of me and helping me to create different things each THURSDAYs. I honestly will MISS this class very much. YOU are one of the best professor!!!.


My “UNIQUE” Vaporwave

So before Thanksgiving break we worked on vapor-wave. It was really fun creating Vapor-wave because its different. I was having difficulty at first picking images and how it actually. Seeing professor. Seslow demonstrating to us, then tit became more easier. How the Vapor- Wave actually works? So first, you have choose your images which have to be transparent.  For example, Grid, Sunset, Logo or statue.

Many of you may ask what is Vapor-wave?
  • First thing that comes to mind is probably it has to do something with science. the def for vapor-wave is a “musical genre and art movement that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk, bounce house, witch house, or chillwave.”

This is what my vapor wave looks like. I chose a sun, a grid for perspective, a palm tree, beach chairs, ocean, sky (gloomy), and interestingly a UFO. I have no idea what is the UFO doing there and whats it doing to the bird. It might seem very mean that i put the bird there for the UFO to take it but hey you cant judge an artist. My vapor wave comes with deep meanings and I am proud of this, it’s UNIQUE.


Since on OCT 31 was Halloween my sisters, cousins and I went trick or treating. I know I am a bit old for trick or treating but who cares. No body is too old for CANDIES AND CHOCOLATES. Before going out to trick or treating, we gave out candies to kids. It was a treat to watch kids dressed up.  At the end we ran out of candies, so we had to give them left over fruits. You should of seen their face, giving them those fruits weren’t treat alright, it was more of a trick for them. Then we went trick or treating ourselves. It was so much fun. Most weird and coincident thing is that on every Halloween, my youngest sister (6 years old), she always i mean ALWAYS fall on her knees (face-ward) on the concrete ground. That always happen literally before 2 mins of me warning her. So we def had fun, but my little sister didn’t. The bruises were in the same place. I guess next time i have to put a knee pad on her or dress her up as a baseball player.


So i was just having fun with the portraits. In this portrait, I took pieces from different portraits and made an unique piece. I don’t have name for it yet, UNLESS you guys do? If you guys have a name for this piece just put it on the comment, it would be nice.  And you guys guess which two actresses are they? HINT- THEY ARE BOTH QUEEN OF TWO DIFFERENT PLATFORM!!!

Midterms Stress!!

Who else is stressing over midterms. Since midterm weeks are ahead, I am so stressed out. I have Business Law midterm next Tuesday and my first case study due this Friday. One of my friend got so scared that did a fake sick call, now i don’t know what to do. This case study is so confusing and my professor sounds drunk during the lecture. I am in great need of HELP! SO GUYS PREY FOR ME!!!